Sunday 15 March 2020

Ahh! The Facebook memories. #MySundaySnapshot

I was rather stuck to what to share as my Sunday photo, that was until I looked at my Facebook memories. The statuses and photos that I shared on this day over the years. I used to use it a lot so there is always some fab photos. These were some from yesterday.

From 2009 we have Ellie with the big bandage on her hand after she jammed her fingers in a door and broke one. I am really surprised she didn't catch some sort of disease from it as it was so filthy after 6 weeks of having it on. It was such a nightmare to get her dressed but she adapted well. Before she had the bandage on she was left handed, afterwards she was right and now she uses both hands equally. She can write just as neat with both her left and right hands which I think is quite a talent.

Then the girls in their Newcastle United kits (all my fella's doing). Ellie especially loved hers and once Becky had grown out of her's Ellie claimed it and wore it too.

We went to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth in 2010. It should have been a good day out but we spent that long queuing to get in where the kids saw a few fish and that was it. In there heads if they'd seen one fish they'd seen them all. I can laugh about it now and still joke to them that I will never take them to another aquarium. (I will one day.) lol.


  1. awww what such cute photos and lovely memories, even if not so happy. Sea Life Centres are great, especially the ones with the tunnels under water. My kids never cease to be amazed and I could personally spend hours in there believing I'm under the sea :)

  2. LOL It's lovely to look back at photos from the past and remember all the memories they bring back !

  3. Lovely photos. I lost all these posts on Facebook as I got a new account after my separation. I forgot I'd lose them, although I obviously have the actual photos still of course! They look cute in their football kit x

  4. Take them to The Deep in Hull! It's wonderful. They'll definitely see more than a few fish there ;-) #MMBC

    1. We are planning to eventually! I have heard so many amazing things about it x

  5. the girls looks so cute - I always enjoy seeing your family life. #MMBC

  6. What cute photos. I especially like the one in the Newcastle kits. How amazing that Ellie can use both hands equally - definitely a real talent!

  7. Such lovely memories despite the queues ! thanks for sharing and for linking up with #MySundaySnapshot.