Friday 16 November 2012

They shouldn't have bring and buy sales so close to Christmas!

The day started great. The kids were excited. A non uniform day and taking old toys in for the bring and buy sale.We went to pick them up expecting them to come out with something old and tatty! Noooo!! 

Becky had bought her sister a present. She was so proud of herself and was sure Ellie would love it. She whipped the surprise out of her bag. It was BUZZ 'bliddy' LIGHTYEAR!! 

The same one I'd spent weeks umming and ahhhing about buying Ellie for Christmas. Yes Becky had bought her sister Ellie the same toy as we had bought her as her main Christmas present!! 

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

When we had a look at it, it seemed it didn't work. We thought phew! It wasn't lighting up or talking. We had been saved. Nope, 2 minutes of fiddling from Ellie and she had it working!

For now she can have Buzz her loving sister bought her and the other at Christmas.

I'm a bit sad. It has taken some of the magic away from Christmas morning. Ellie has wanted a Buzz Lightyear for so long.

It has made her day! Just a shame it wasn't Christmas day! Becky is the best big sister ever!!

My youngest with her Buzz Lightyear


  1. AWWWWW that is just the loveliest story top big sister and yes shame for you guys but what a thoughtful girl

  2. That's so sweet but I can understand your annoyance!!

  3. a magic moment for her and a crushing one for you!! however i bet she loved the new one equally as much?!

    thanks for linking up with #Magicmoments

  4. Aww bless haha. Two for the price of one, I'm sure she was happy having the both of them.

  5. Aw bless...but not too great for you. Coming over for #MyFirstBlogPost and what a fab post. You have done so well in the three years you've been blogging!!! :)

  6. That is so cute! What a thoughtful sister, even if it did scupper your plans! (I like your #MyFirstBlogPost way more than I like my own!)

  7. So is there a second instalment to this story? I want to know if the second buzz was well received or even gifted. How rewarding and frustrating for you!

  8. Aw how lovely! And Ellie looks so cute! What a great #MyFirstBlogPost. x

  9. Great post for #MyFirtBlogPost but what happended to the other Buzz?