Saturday 17 November 2012

Rylan Clark - My guilty pleasure.

I love X-Factor. I have watched it every year but this year it has become a bit of a joke.

Rylan Clark crying

The joke being RYLAN CLARK

He can't really sing, he is an OK dancer sort of but he entertains me. He is the only contestant that does. Each week he is the only one who I look forward to seeing what he's singing. Nothing can beat him singing Gangnam Style.

At the beginning, the auditions and boot camp he annoyed me. I wanted to slap him all the way back to Essex but now it's just funny he's lasted so long!!

He won't win it but how funny would it be if he did. Simon would have a fit. 

Every Sunday night when the results are announced my newsfeed on Facebook goes crazy. People screaming FIX! OMG! I HATE RYLAN! and so on. It annoys the bejesus out of me. Did they phone up and vote for their favourite? Probably not. Why moan that Rylan is still in if you did nothing to save your favourite!! 

There are only I'd say 3 good singers. Ella, James and Jahmene who I think will win.

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