Tuesday 20 November 2012

REVIEW!! Chicago Town New Yorker Pizza!!

Having totted up how much my family spends on takeaways over the course of a year I felt I needed to find a cheaper alternative to our weekend treat....So frozen Pizza it was!!
The Chicago Town New Yorker Pizza

The Chicago Town New Yorker claims on its box to be better than Domino's and Pizza Hut...Both those brands produce pretty great pizzas, so that's quite a claim for the product to live up to...I was dubious at first but at £2.50 from Asda they were cheap enough for the size they were...

I got 2 of the Chicago Town New Yorker's...We had tried the just cheese one a while ago and to be honest I didn't like all the cheese..Yes there is supposed to be cheese on a pizza but I don't like it all gooey and Eeeww yucky....lol

On the Chicago Town New Yorker there is enough cheese but enough of the other toppings too to even it out!! There is Cheese, mushrooms, pepperoni, bacon, smoke flavoured ham and a crust stuffed with lovely BBQ sauce!!

It's easy to cook...just take it out of the wrapper and put it in the oven on the 'bake and serve' tray that comes with it....It only takes about 20 minutes and its ready!!

My girls and I loved it....The thing I did notice was when the middle was cool enough to eat the stuffed crust was still too hot....A tip for you....Eat the middle and leave the crusts until last....

It is definitely one of the best frozen pizzas I've eaten and will be buying again!! I'm not sure they're too good for the waistline though....I haven't dared look at the calorie content!
Next time we get one I will be sure to take some pictures as I totally forgot as we were so hungry!

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