Sunday 18 November 2012

Quick, Easy Sunday dinner from Asda!!

On a Sunday I like to do as little as possible....

This is where Asda and their great 'meal deals' come in handy!!

Asda's Chicken Casserole & Dumplings

Chicken Casserole & Dumplings
Tender pieces of roast chicken with swede, carrots and leeks in rich gravy, topped with baked dumplings

Takes about an hour in the oven....Stick it in there & let it cook....After about 40 minutes I take the plastic off give it a mix & put it back in.....

A photo of New potatoes and Cheesecake from Asda

New Potatoes Butter & Herbs  

New potatoes coated in mint flavoured rapeseed oil, with butter and dried herbs.....Stick them in the microwave and wait for the delicious smell!!

 Vanilla Cheesecake

Rich and creamy vanilla flavour cheesecake on a crumbly biscuit base...

If you add it all together it comes up to costing a whopping £9.36!!


With the 'meal deal' from Asda you get all that for £6.50!!

I think that is a bargain!! Saves hours of slaving in the kitchen and it's a lovely hearty meal for this time of year!!

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