Tuesday 17 December 2019

Making the gingerbread houses 2019.

On Sunday we had a cosy day at home. We watched a random countdown the World's Greatest Kids Films and one of Ellie's friends called for her. I really expected her to go out and play but she told her friend she was having a homey, family day. I thought it was so sweet. For the last few months Ellie has gone out to play with her friends any chance she got so it was nice that she chose to stay at home. I thought the time was right to get the gingerbread house kits out.

Every year the girls make gingerbread houses. Usually I get them from Tesco but this year we had a change and I got them from B&M. I think each kit cost about £4.99.

The girls know how to put them together now and don't even need to read the instructions.

I lost count of the times that I had to tell Ellie to stop licking her fingers and eating the icing. That is why I get them one each because Ellie's germs are usually all over her's. lol 

The best bit is definitely decorating the houses and the girls had great fun. They did end up a sticky mess but it was worth it.

I joked with Becky that she won't want to make a gingerbread house next year because she'll be 18 and too old for it. She said no way! She still wants to make one and even when she leaves home she will come back to make one. Aww! How sweet!

The girls had fantastic fun making their gingerbread houses. I think they look really pretty and they tasted so good too. It was a lovely hour or so just sitting around the table being busy. It was a Sunday afternoon well spent!


  1. I love making gingerbread houses, I’m a bit late with ours this year! Yours look amazing, I love all the colourful sweets. I think it's a lovely family tradition

  2. Oh bless them, their houses are great! My pair love decorating gingerbread houses too. Merry Christmas to you all x

  3. Awesome house! Looks so much fun X #mmbc