Monday 9 December 2019

(Ad - Gifted) The Gold Decorated Christmas Tree from Blossoming Gifts - Review!

I think a plant makes such a lovely gift at Christmas. They add to the decorations and look pretty over the Christmas season and if cared for properly they can last for years. 

I was lucky to be sent the Gold Decorated Christmas Tree from the Blossoming Gifts Christmas range to have a look at. 

The tree arrived in a box and was packed well. I do worry when plants are sent through the post but this was well looked after. The decorations are in a little packet in the box and I got to decorate this myself which I thought was fantastic. There is gold & white baubles, a gold ribbon topper, gold gift wrap and some LED Lights.

I had great fun decorating the tree. You simply twist the wire around the branches on the tree to attach the baubles. The LED lights are so pretty although I could have done with more length to them to wrap a few more times around the tree.

It's the first time I've ever had a real tree. It might be a small one but it has really made me want to get a real Christmas tree next year. The smell from it is amazing!

I think these trees would be great for a centrepiece on a table or on a shelf somewhere. They would be fab if you are short on space too. I was talking about this to my great aunt and she said she would love a real Christmas tree again but can't be bothered with the fuss of a full sized large one. Something like this would be wonderful for an elderly person.

I decided to put it on the kitchen windowsill. It's away from all the radiators and heat and it will get some natural light during the day. I have been watering it but not too much.

When Christmas is over with or when it looks a little worse for wear, whichever comes sooner I will be planting this outside in the garden. I think it’s really good sustainable way of having and reusing a Christmas tree.

The Gold Decorated Christmas Tree costs £29.99 and that includes free, tracked delivery. I think it's well worth that price and I am actually thinking about buying one and sending it to my great aunt.

Blossoming Gifts is a premium online gifting retailer and they have a fantastic selection of plants, flowers, hampers and gifts which are all perfect for Christmas!

I was sent the Gold Decorated Christmas Tree free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Your tree looks adorable. I love mini Christmas trees - we always have one in the kitchen too :)


  2. Kim it is a very cute little tree - much nicer than many I have seen. Merry Christmas! #MMBC

  3. I love real trees. I've had a few rooted ones over the years, but had no success with keeping them going afterwards. Maybe a smaller tree would stand more chance. This one looks lovely. I can imagine you decorating it in the garden next year. #mmbc

  4. What a lovely thing to receive in the post! It looks gorgeous. Enjoy it! #MMBC

  5. That is such a lovely little tree, and I love that you can decorate it too. I'd certainly be happy to recieve one, it would look great in my kitchen window as my kitchen is at the front of the house and we don't really have anything in the window. We are the least decorated house in the street at the moment! xx

  6. That is such a pretty little tree.

  7. This seems so reasonably priced. I think loads of us are trying to be a bit more eco-friendly this Christmas. Love the base of it too. #MMBC

  8. This is a pretty plant. It would be nice for a small house or an elderly person who doesn't want the hassle of a large tree. #MMBC