Sunday 22 December 2019

My top 9 on Instagram. #MySundaySnapshot

Every year a highlight of using Instagram is seeing my top 9 photos. It is a nice way to look back on the year that was.

I already knew one of the photos would be in my top nine. I think it's one which received the most likes ever in my Instagram history and it was to support a lovely woman and a great cause!

#1 Piss Off Phyliss was to support the lovely Emma from Island Living 365. A large group of bloggers came together to support Emma and her fight against bowel cancer! It was all about raising awareness. Emma called her cancer Phyllis hence the Piss off Phyllis hashtag!

#2 My teen's GCSE results! She did so well. Better than we expected. I couldn't have been prouder of her.

#3 The first photo I took when we moved house. I am not tired of this view yet. Throughout the 6 months we've lived here I look out of the window and notice something new and different.

#4 This is one I didn't expect to see in my top 9. The S.W.A.K Kissable Keychains. They are fab little things. Ellie really loved them. 

#5 A throwback Thursday post using the Timehop app. It was a random Facbook status. Ellie had jammed her fingers in a door. Little did we know that the next day we would find out she had a problem with her heart and it was the start of the worst 6 months of our lives. Heart problems, open heart surgery and a lot of tears!

#6 This was taken on the day when I added my own URL to my blog and went from being Northumberland Mam to Life As Kim. It felt like such a big change but now I am used to it. Phew!

#7 I had to look back and see what I said about this photo as it was so random. It was just Missandei off Game of Thrones. It turns out I said something like "I still think of her as Sasha Valentine off Hollyoaks. lol

#8 Easter Eggs! Who doesn't love Easter eggs!

#9 A reduced raid from my local Tesco. I think this was my best until a few weeks ago when I got £14 worth of smoked salmon for just over £4, a ton of £2 odd sandwiches for 60p and loaves of bread for about 25p each!

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  1. Ha! I just did my Top 9 and my #pissoffphyllis badge was the first one too. I've still got my fingers crossed for a good outcome for the lovely Emma. A lot of my other 9 feature my crochet, maybe I should start a crochet Instagram...nope! no time for that :) Merry Christmas to you all xx

  2. A very interesting selection of photos! I love your view the best. It always surprises me what features in my top 9. I think I will leave it a few more days before taking a look.

  3. I love this idea. I am not on IG, but I think I will have to go back and do the same thing for Twitter. Thanks for the idea!

  4. It's interesting to compile your Top 9, isn't it? I think it tells us a lot about ourselves. Have a very happy Christmas! #MMBC

  5. What a selection of photos. Merry Christmas to you and your family X #mysundaysnapshot

  6. Interesting collection of photos - wishing you a great holiday! #MMBC

  7. What a fab wee collection. Such a lovely year xx