Thursday 5 December 2019

Our Christmas trees and decorations.

We put the decorations up at the end of November. We got our Christmas trees from the local auction, two for £7 and I wanted to check how big they actually were so once they were up there was no point taking them back down until December. 

Every other year we've had one big tree but to be honest we didn't know where a big one would fit in here so the two little one's were perfect and it also gave the girls chance to decorate one each. They had great fun and they had less arguments than if they were sharing the work of decorating one tree.

It's been a couple of years since we bought some new decorations and with it being a new house we thought we deserved some. There are the decorations in both the living and dining room. There is a mixture of the new one's and some we've had since the girls were little.

Snowy the snowman is back. I've had him since Becky was about 3 years old. My dad gave me him and it's one of the decorations that he used to have up in his house when I was younger.

I got the felt Christmas tree a few years ago from Hobbycraft. It was very similar to the one they sell at the moment. The presents and the baubles can be moved around and the girls still can't help themselves rearranging them. 

When we first moved in here I hated the door going from the living room into the dining room. There just seemed a lot of glass but it does come in handy for sticking the Christmas stickers on. We got them from Poundland.

The Santa head is back for another year. It is supposed to light up but hasn't for years. We're not to fussed he looks cute anyway.

Another thing I wasn't keen on when we moved in here was the fireplace but it really is handy at Christmas. I put all of my normal ornaments away and the Christmas one's came out.

We had a spare set of lights which are perfect for across the fireplace and I love the Merry Christmas banner. I think I got it from Home Bargains or it could have been B&M.

When I looked at all the decorations in the bags and boxes I thought nothing was going to match but they do seem to. Mostly everything is red with bits of silver and gold in. It's feeling very festive in here.

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  1. I like the idea of two small trees, your house really does look festive. I really miss having a fireplace. I was going to buy a fire surround and electric fire this year but went for a sideboard instead. I was also going to replace our old tree for something new, it's from the old house where we didn't have much room and it used to be squished into a corner. Last year it looked so tiny, but this year we can't even decide where to put it because we have new furniture. It will probably be even worse next year if they put a lift in the living room! We are getting the decs out this weekend so I'll just have to see how it goes. I love the felt Christmas tree, I can imagine my kids moving things around all the time. And the snowman is wonderful. We cover our glass doors with clingy stickers too. Merry Christmas xx