Monday 2 December 2019

Our weekly meal plan! 2nd - 8th Dec. #MealPlanningMonday

Last weeks meal plan went really well. As much as I like the idea of eating out of the freezer I sometimes get annoyed that there is less to snack on from the fridge but it is helping to save a bit of money. I can happily say the weekly food shop cost just over £20 this week. All I got was fresh things like bread, milk, ham, some fruit & veg and some tinned things like baked beans. 

Today I am planning on buying some wrapping paper and I'm going to start wrapping the kids presents. I might even shock myself and write some Christmas cards out. hehehe

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Honey and garlic pork chops cooked in the slow cooker with rice and veg.
Tuesday -  Chicken burgers, chips and baked beans.
Friday - Pizza.
Saturday - A lucky dip from the reduced section in Tesco. They always seem to have their best bargains on a Saturday teatime.

What are you eating this week?


  1. Red lentil bolognese sounds good ! I only make soup with lentils normally

  2. Honey and garlic pork chops sound yummy. I just saw your tweet about the slow cooker, I hope they'll be ready in time!


  3. The honey and garlic pork chops sound delicious. I really need to start using my slow cooker more but really paranoid about leaving it on when I’m out at work.

  4. Hmmm lots of lovely flavours - I think I might just do a copy and paste of your menu plan for our house next week ! ;-)

  5. That red lentil bolognese sounds lovely. I hope you're having a great week and thanks for linking up x

  6. Some lovely meal ideas! Will be adding the Sausage, onion and potato tray bake to my meal plan next week!

  7. What a super meal plan this is! I wish I could be so organised. We shall have quite a bit of fish this week.