Saturday 7 December 2019

Week 49 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

I keep having to check that I have got the week right for Project 365. It seems like we can't be up to week 49 already but we are and I've just realised that the kids only have a couple of more weeks at school and college! Eek! 

Today I am hopefully finishing off the last of the present buying. All I have left to get is some clothes for the kids, selection boxes, pj's and some stocking fillers.

Now for a photo everyday!

A christmas plaque on the fireplace
Harry Potter on the TV and my youngest opening her advent calendar
The Christmas elf on the shelf and a pot noodle and packet of crisps
A mini decorated Christmas tree and a stuffed Monkey toy.

334/365 - 30th November
A wooden plaque that I got from the Pound shop. I think it's really pretty. It was one of the new Christmas decorations that I bought.

335/365 - 1st December
I don't think there's anything better than snuggling up on the sofa with the kids and watching a Harry Potter film on a Sunday afternoon.

336/365 - 2nd December
Ellie is loving her Smiggle advent calendar. I did have doubts about buying it but it's well worth the £18 I paid for it so far. Every day she opens it and says this is the best thing yet! lol 

337/365 - 3rd December
Our Christmas elf. I am not moving it around this year but the kids have taken over. Ellie says she isn't moving it and my teen says the same too so it must be magic!

338/365 - 4th December
A lazy lunch. I am needing something warm during the day now and soup and beans on toast gets a bit boring. I also wish the Glazed ham crisps weren't a seasonal thing, they are so tasty! 

339/365 - 5th December
I was sent a mini, real Christmas tree to review and I love it. It's on my kitchen window sill at the moment and it will be planted outside in the garden in a few weeks.

340/365 - 6th December
It's been a while since Monkey appeared on here, or it seems like it anyway. Ellie is growing out of him. She still has to cuddle him in bed but he's coming downstairs less and less, he doesn't come for days out anymore and it makes me rather sad that my girl is growing up.

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  1. It must be such a relief to be nearly finished with the Christmas shopping. I think we are nearly done too. Typically we only bought our nephews' presents a few days ago, then we saw something perfect for them today! So we bought them ready for their birthdays. I can relate to what you're going through with Monkey with my daughter's Teddy. He always used to go downstairs with her every morning until about year 6. Now she only has him bed.

  2. I still have quite a bit of shopping to do for Christmas, especially stocking stuff. A smiggle calendar sounds great. The mini tree looks lovely.

  3. I do like your little Christmas tree. I had a similar review a few years ago and mine is still in a pot in the garden. I might bring it in and use it as a second tree. Love that the girls have taken on the elf.

  4. Oh, you are super organised. I have only bought one gift. One. What's inside the Smiggle calendar? Haven't seen any before. Eddie would like the Glazed ham crisps, I must keep an eye for them.
    And Nooo to the elf, I find it so creepy, sorry, gives me the shivers every time I see rows of them in The Works. :) Your mini tree is lovely.

  5. The christmas decorations in your house. So good to hear the girls are in the christmas spirit with the elf, or maybe their not lol

  6. it is so sad when they grow up in these ways. having said that my 3 birth children still have their favourite cuddle toys from childhood and we also still have a cot blanket with a silky edge that was sucked.
    Wow at the magic of elf.....maybe he will throw himself in the bin....and a bah humbug to me

  7. That's so sad about monkey, I guess we will have the same thing with Biff one day, he sits on the stairs every day so he's the first thing my son sees when he comes home. I've yet to persuade my son to watcgh the HP films which is guttin g! #365

  8. You sound super organised with your present shopping. Best to get it done and out of the way!

    Love that plaque, it is so pretty.

    We don't do Christmas but think my girls would have loved the Smiggle Advent calendar!

  9. The plaque looks great! You do very well at sales, it seems. The mini christmas tree looks great.
    Hi Monkey! Awww Ellie is growing up :)

  10. Aww that is so sad about Monkey. It is hard when these little things happen. Your mini Christmas tree is fab xx

  11. I miss my pot noodles from when I went wheat free :( Love the mini Christmas tree! I am considering a Smiggle advent calendar for Anya next year... #project365

  12. It must be magic ours move around by magic ... honest. That Christmas tree us very cute I did think about getting one similar but I wasn’t sure how long it would last. Will remember this for next year. Growing up is so bittersweet xx