Wednesday 11 December 2019

(Ad - Gifted) Don't Rock The Boat game from Interplay - Review!

We love a good game over Christmas and we were recently sent Don't Rock The Boat from Interplay to try out.

Don't Rock the Boat game box

Ahoy, mateys! Arrrrr ye ready to set sail on a rocking adventure with a crew of 16 pirate penguins? Take turns balancing the pirate penguins on the ship without making it tip! Be ever so careful, if you rock the boat and send the penguins overboard, ye might have to walk the plank! A fun balancing game for all buccaneers!

Don't Rock the Boat boat
Don't Rock the Boat pieces including penguins, pirates and crabs.

The game is easy to set up. You remove everything from the box, slot the pieces into the ship and balance the ship onto the wave then you're ready to go! There is no batteries needed!

The youngest player goes first which Ellie was overjoyed about. hehehe You choose a piece from the pile of penguins and accessories and place it carefully on the ship trying not to upset the balance of it. The next player adds a piece and so on just be careful not to rock the boat.

When someone rocks the boat and one or more of the pieces fall off it ends the game. Each of the pieces are a different size and weight so it is a game of tactics and planning. 

My girls really love Don't Rock the Boat. Each game can last less than a minute and up to about 5 minutes depending on how much they um, ah and ponder on which piece to use and where to put it. It can get quite tense especially when the ship is tipping. It is such a giggle to play and we will definitely getting it back out to play on Christmas day when my dad and his partner are here.

On the box it says for ages 5 plus but I think a younger child might manage to play if they have patience for games like this. The rules are simple to follow and it is an easy game to play.

You can buy this from the Interplay website for £19.99 and other places where you would expect to find board games.

We were sent Don't Rock The Boat free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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  1. It sounds like fun. I've not bought any games this year, I can see my Little Man loving this. x