Saturday 28 December 2019

Our Christmas! - 2019

I knew this Christmas was going to be a special one with it being the first in our new house but I never thought it would go so well.

The big Christmas food shop was delivered and Asda excelled themselves. Just about everything was delivered and that which wasn't was substituted for better. I overbought and had to bring the little fridge in from the garage to fit everything in. Oops. I decided that I wasn't going to spend Christmas in the kitchen so I cooked nearly everything on Christmas Eve. All I left to do on Christmas day was the pigs in blankets, parsnips, sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. 

On Christmas eve we went into the town to sing carols around the Christmas tree, we got a takeaway and spent the evening in front of the TV. All the wrapping was done so all we had to do was bring the presents downstairs. The kids were so excited. I thought some of the magic of Christmas would be lost now my girls don't believe but it was just a different kind of magic.

The kids were up just after 7am. I heard them chattering about what they were finding in their stockings. They came into the bedroom just after half past then it was downstairs to open the presents.

They got everything they wanted and more. For Becky the xbox one and the dartboard were her most loved presents and for Ellie her scooter and the Barbie wheelchair were the most loved.

The morning was spent with me in and out of the kitchen and having a glass or 3 off bucks fizz. The kids were so excited to show me their presents and I think Ellie kept forgetting I already knew what her gifts were but I went along with it anyway. She was so excited. It got to the point where she just left all her presents and came and helped me in the kitchen. The excitement and festive cheer was just too much for her. It gave Becky and Stu chance to set the xbox up.

My dad and his partner arrived at around half one and I got on with finishing off the dinner. I dished it all up and everyone ate and loved it. My dad actually said he didn't realise I was such a good cook. He was impressed. He's a fussy old so and so and always has a complaint about everything so to have nothing but good things said about my cooking was amazing.

Crackers were pulled and fun was had. We all left the table stuffed with no room for Christmas pudding. We introduced my dad to the Google Home speaker thingy and the kids had such a laugh with him. It was a lovely afternoon.

When my dad left we all changed into our pj's, Stu washed the dishes and I sorted all the leftovers. There was enough to feed us for the rest of the week! Hooray! I never actually got sat back in my armchair until about 7pm and then rang my great aunt to wish her merry Christmas. 

The highlight of our evening was the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special. I was so tempted to pause it halfway through just to take it all in. All the kids and Smithy having a girlfriend! I am guessing she was the most hated person on Christmas day. hehehe I really thought we were going to find about about the fishing trip and that ending! They have to make more, surely! 

It was the best Christmas! I say this every year but it really was this year! Everything went to plan, it was practically stress free and most of all everyone was happy.

On Boxing day we all had a well deserved lie in. After a busy week I think I deserved it. We didn't get dressed and we just snacked all day. Yesterday was much of the same. It has been perfect!

I hope you all had a good Christmas too?


  1. Awww. This is so lovely to read. It sounds awesome and I'm so pleased you got credit for your hard work making the dinner!
    My boys kept showing me stuff and explaining what they'd got. I think even when they know, they get wrapped up in the magic and temporarily forget :D Happy Christmas to you all - and best wishes for an awesome 2020 x

  2. Sounds like the perfect Christmas - lovely to share your special festive moments. xx

  3. Aw this is ace! So glad you all had a fantastic Christmas. It must have been lovely to have your dad closer to home this year too.
    Ours was awesome too although it went by so fast as it does!
    Wishing you all a very awesome 2020! xxx

  4. It sounds like the most perfect Christmas Day! How lovely that your dad complimented your cooking - and what a good idea to prepare most of the food on Christmas Eve. Gavin and Stacey was amazing! They definitely need to do another series. Can't believe they got so close to revealing all about the fishing trip!

  5. Aw what a lovely day Kim, and sounds as if you were very organised in the run up as well. I agree that it's just a different kind of magic when the kids get older. We had a lovely and stress free Christmas to, and went to a local Indian for our Christmas dinner which was fab x

  6. This looks like a really lovely Christmas, and those elf pj’s are too cute! Wishing you and your family all the best for the new year! xx #MMBC

  7. You Christmas Day sounds fabulous! Ours was very relaxed too and we've really enjoyed lots of lazy days since then. Now I'm busy cooking for NewYear's Eve!

    Happy New Year to you and your family Kim :o)