Friday 6 December 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Advent! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I've chosen advent as my word this week because I can't think of anything else. lol We've had one of those weeks where we've just happily plodded on with life and not much has gone on. We are looking forward to Christmas though.

We finished putting the Christmas decorations up at the weekend and I think it looks brilliant in here. It's the most festive our home has looked in years. I am putting it down to having the 2 Christmas trees. We still have the wreath to put on the front door and then it's all done.

The first of December arrived and the kids finally got to open their advent calendars! As much as I didn't like paying the price for the Ellie's Smiggle one I am impressed with it. I think she's going to get her money's worth with it. She's so far got a key ring, pencils, an eraser and a flexi ruler that she was so excited about. lol Becky is loving her calendars too. Pringles and bath fizzers and I am having a new candle to burn every day with mine.

I hadn't planned on doing Elf on the shelf this year and said Ellie can be in charge of moving it but it keeps moving and she's not the one moving it. (She says) It really must be magic because both of the girls are denying moving it. There was me worrying about keeping the Christmas magic alive but it somehow feels more special this year.

We will be having a real family Christmas this year as Stu found out that he will be off work from the 23rd of December until the new year. He has worked in retail the whole time we've been together so has always had to work either Christmas Eve or Boxing day, sometimes both. Last year when we went away at Christmas he jiggled his shifts so he got from the 23rd until the 27th off but then had to make his time up by doing a few 10 hour shifts. I can't wait to have him home and the kids are looking forward to it too.

Stu and I are hopefully going Christmas shopping tomorrow to get the last of the presents and the Christmas pj's then I will start wrapping everything. I must, I keep putting it off but it has to be done. 


  1. Sounds like you are in full seasonal swing alteady!! Especially with the tree up and hubby's holidays well sorted! #WotW

  2. ohhh a naughty little elf, how exciting. I hope he doesn't do anything too bad though! It sounds like you have most of your Christmas preparations wrapped up ;) x

  3. And I thought Advent calendars were just chocolates. The one you got sounds awesome! I am going to have to look for something different next year for my grandkids!

  4. The run up to Christmas is fun. It is more challenging to keep up the Christmas magic as they get older, I find. I'm not a fan of the Elf on the Shelf, but it sounds like it is making you all smile this year. How fabulous for Stu to have the whole Christmas period off. #wotw

  5. I don't do Elves on Shelves but that did make me smile. Seems there's a bit of extra Christmas magic with him this year LOL! Karen - Early Rising Mum

  6. Love how the girls being involved with elf on the shelf has added to the Christmas magic and glad they are both enjoying their advent calendars. We still haven't got our Christmas decorations up yet! How lovely that you will have Stu home throughout Christmas :-) #WotW