Tuesday 26 November 2019

My girls don't believe so I'm trying to keep the Christmas magic alive.

I knew it was going to happen. I knew there would come a time where both of my girls didn't believe in Santa. The time has happened and I have a pair on non-believers. Hmmf.

Last year I knew that Ellie didn't believe but she kept playing along. I knew we were running on borrowed time and this year the game is up. It was nice while it lasted but a month or so ago Ellie said to me she needed to talk. I thought it was something serious, she just wanted to say that she knew Santa wasn't real and she knew that her dad and I bought the presents, drank the milk and ate the mince pie on Christmas eve, filled the stockings and even moved the Elf on the shelf. I felt so sad.

Now that Ellie is in on the big secret I have suggest she is in charge of our Christmas elf and move her around each day. It will be fun to see what mischief she comes up with.

Ellie knows now that I shop for her presents she seems to have stopped asking for ridiculous things like ride on unicorns and over priced LOL branded things and is all about sensible shopping now. She has been suggesting realistic things that she wants and thankfully what she's asking for is not overpriced.

The kids have been more involved with the present buying this year. When we have been to town they have been suggesting things that we have seen. I am going to keep some of the mystery and surprise them with their smaller presents. At the moment Ellie knows she's getting a printer for her phone photos and a new scooter and Becky knows she's getting an xbox one but that's all they know. Everything else will be a surprise.

Our Christmas tree will be going up on the 1st of December and all of the decorations too. I think we are going to have to buy a few more bits as this house seems bigger and there is more places to decorate. I am going to let the kids choose what new decorations we get this year.

I am planning to buy the kids new Christmas jumpers. The last one's they had were sent to us to review way back in 2014! They stretched and when Becky had finished with her's it was passed down to Ellie.

The Older Boy Green Minecraft Christmas Jumper for Ellie - £13.00 and the Coca Cola Santa Christmas Jumper for Becky - £13.00 both from Primark, the Harry Potter one for me - £14.00 and the Star Wars one for Stu - £16.00 both from Asda.

This year I have decided that the kids are going to have some Christmas bedding too. I always thought of it as way over the top but now nothing it too much to keep us feeling festive. I have suggested to Stu that we should get some too and he is being a Scrooge at the moment and is saying no. I have seen a Harry Potter Christmas duvet set which is so pretty. I might just buy it and see if he notices. hehehe

The girls will of course have their normal chocolate advent calendars this year but I have bought them an extra one too. Ellie has the Smiggle stationary one and Becky is planning to choose one for herself today while we are in town. I think she'll go for a bath bomb one of the Pringles one.

We will of course be making Gingerbread Houses like we do every year. I always buy the ready made one's which just need putting together and decorating. 

We will be going to see the Christmas lights being switched on later this week and I want to go to the Christmas carol concert on Christmas eve in the town centre. The kids are not convinced about this but I think it will be nice.

I was on The Entertainer website doing some Christmas shopping (they have some great bargains at the moment) and I spotted the Sneaky Cheeky Elf Garden. I have no idea what it is. I imagine it being like the Fairy Garden which we reviewed years ago but Christmas themed.

I will of course still be making up Christmas eve boxes for the girls. New pj's, hot chocolate, some sweets and maybe a Christmas DVD.

Christmas might not be about Santa now but it will still be magical and a lot of fun. We're just finding a new way of doing things.

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  1. I totally know how you feel as Ella's no longer a believer either. We won't be doing our book advent as they're too old for the books now and I'm not sure if we'll be doing the activity advent either because both girls are busier now and last year we hardly got any of the activities done.
    It's certainly going to be a different Christmas this year but like you, I'll be doing everything I can to still make it magical xx