Saturday 16 November 2019

Week 46 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

This past week has been a frustrating one waiting for things but I'm glad to say the annoyance with the missing parcel is over. I still haven't got the parcel but I'm getting a refund and pestering Hermes to sort their drivers out! The past weeks seems to have dragged I think it's because I am looking forward to a few things next week. I'm a Celeb starts on Sunday, Wednesday we're off to the hospital to get Ellie's heart checked, I'm not exactly looking forward to it but I will be glad to get it out of the way. She's fine in herself so I can't see there being much change with her leaking valves. Shopping for a new coat for myself after the hospital appointment and then my 40th birthday on Thursday!

Now for a photo every day!

311/365 - 9th November
I love Saturday evenings. We always spend it as a family watching TV. Usually Strictly then X-Factor. I like to get cosy and now that involves just having the lamp on and lighting candles. My family are not fans of scented candles though. There were a few complaints. hehehe

312/365 - 10th November
We were sent the The SpyX Micro Gear Set to review and Ellie loves all the little gadgets especially the spy light. I think we've all had it shone in our eyes sometime this week. 

313/365 - 11th November
I made a Christmas cake. This was of course it before it went into the oven. I forgot to take a photo when it came out. Oops, but it looks and smells like a Christmas cake. I was tempted to taste it but didn't want to ruin it. It's all wrapped up now ready to ice closer to Christmas.

314/365 - 12th November
I have been watching a few of the cheesy Christmas films and earlier in the week I watched A Christmas prince and on Wednesday I watched the sequel A Christmas Prince: The Royal wedding. They are so cheesy and predictable but they make me smile and feel all happy. I can't wait until next month when the 3rd film is out. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby!

315/365 - 13th November
Just my teen. Sitting on the kitchen bench. I don't know how many times I have to tell her and her sister not to. Hmmf.

316/365 - 14th November
I was sent a canvas to review. I love it and out of all my canvasses that I have it's my favourite.

317/365 - 15th November
I only went to the shop for bread and a bottle of wine and came back with a ton of reduced stuff. My dad game me a fright when he came up behind me, he was there to get some reduced stuff too. lol We nearly came to blows over the plant. I haven't a clue what it is but it was 60p and it looks nice on my kitchen window.
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  1. Lol at the family moaning about the candles. I'm not really a big candle fan but I do have a couple of Christmas scented ones I put on and I get moans as well.
    Great offer haul.
    As you know I love a Christmas movie to the cheesier the better, and I've been watching for you this weekend to stop I can't remember whether I've seen any of the royal Prince series so I'll have to watch out for those.

  2. That's a very good haul of reduced stuff! Your canvas is fab. It sounds like you've got an exciting week ahead. I'm looking forward to I'm a Celeb tonight too.

  3. The canvas does look lovely. Glad you won the battle of the plant - looks like some sort of succulent or maybe an African Violet.

  4. That's a good haul of reduced foods! I'm not a big fan of Christmas films, though Eddie loves them, so I might have to watch some with him on the run to Christmas to keep him company.
    With candles I can only tolerate some scents. The heady ones give me a headache.
    The canvas looks great!

  5. it must be a constant worry with the girls hearts, hope the check up goes well for Ellie. I love scented candles, especially vanilla and cinnamon. Love the canvas, I keep meaning to get another one done with updated family photos

  6. Well done for making an Xmas cake. Don't think I've made one since school. And looks a good haul of reduced bargains

  7. Hope the hospital appointment goes ok for you all, living with something like that cant be easy.
    The canvas looks great
    Hope the cake tastes good

  8. What a great haul. That is fab. The canvas looks great and what a fun week ahead. We are watching I'm a celeb too xx

  9. Scented candles have a certain charm and freshness to them. I'd love to see the cake but why did you make it to ice it before Christmas? Great canvas!

  10. Hope Ellies appointment went okay? Yay for Christmas cake I keep forgetting to feed ours with brandy. Love the canvas and mine don't like sented candles much either! Although I have managed to get away with a rose one.

  11. My family don't like the scented stuff either! I have seen those films you say cheesy but make you feel good!

    Love the canvas and hope the appointment went ok.

  12. Love your bargains! I manged to find some yesterday :) Canvases are such a lovely way to display memories: we have several but my favourite is our wedding one #project365