Thursday 28 November 2019

(Ad - Gifted) The Jelly Belly American Holiday Favourites!

The Jelly Belly jelly beans are something my girls expect to find in their stockings now on Christmas morning. They are a tasty treat and there is so many different flavours. They love them and just in time for Christmas Jelly Belly have launched their seasonal range, the American Holiday Favourites Collection are ready to warm hearts and delight your taste buds.

Sweet lovers will experience a holiday flavour adventure with these classic and beloved flavour profiles:

Pumpkin Pie: Every family has their own recipe and the Jelly Belly family is no different! Warm flavours of ginger, pumpkin spice and a hint of golden crust merge on the palate to create a flavour befitting the finest Thanksgiving celebration.

Cranberry Sauce: The tart flavour of cranberry combined with the sweetness of a Jelly Belly jelly bean, the flavour is a refreshing burst that brings to mind crisp autumn evenings.

Hot Chocolate: All the creamy cocoa flavour with none of the waiting as it cools down. Experienced Jelly Belly bean connoisseurs will combine two Hot Chocolate beans with one Toasted Marshmallow bean to fulfill their inner child.

 Egg Nog: Ask our flavour team and you’ll learn the key to good egg nog is the perfect balance of nutmeg. No alcohol in this recipe, just a creamy taste with the right amount of spice.

Candy Cane: Jelly Belly fans wait all year for this effervescent peppermint flavour. Speckled with green and red, just like a candy cane, mint lovers rejoice.

Becky and I have been taste testing these this morning and there are some flavours we love and some we're not so keen on. I liked the Egg Nog but Becky didn't and she loved the Pumpkin Pie one and I didn't. We both loved the Hot Chocolate and the Candy Cane one's. It's all down to personal taste. The flavours really do come through and they are such a treat to have.

For the adults stockings there is the Sparkling Wine Jelly Belly jelly beans! The Sparkling Wine’s signature flavour stands out in this non alcoholic treat, ideal for Christmas day, New Year’s Eve and adult snacking.

 The Sparkling Wine Jelly Belly beans have all the flavour of a glass of the real thing in a petite package. A sweet way to add a little bubbly to any celebration. These miniature bottles are filled with 42 grams of the non-alcoholic flavour.

Do you like Jelly Beans? What is your favourite flavour?

I was sent the Jelly Belly products free of charge in exchange for this blog post.

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  1. I love Jelly Beans, they are so much with the many different flavours. Great for a christmas present X