Thursday 7 November 2019

Tips to make a Christmas holiday in the UK stress free.

Last Christmas we went away on holiday from the 23rd until the 27th of December. It was such a big deal for us as we had never been on a family holiday and going away over Christmas meant there was so much more to think about than the average holiday! 

Here are my idea's and tips to make a Christmas away in a hotel stress free.

Reserve your seats on the train!

I was able to reserve our seats from Newcastle to York as I had an idea it might be busy and on the way back reserved them from Leeds to Newcastle. I am so glad. The train was packed! Travelling by train makes people angry, me included. Without the reserved seats goodness knows where we would have been stood. The trains from York to the hotel and the one back from the Hotel to Leeds were practically empty. I think with the main routes you need to reserve a seat especially if you have kids. People are ruthless when it comes to travelling.

Sort the presents!

We started planning early and decided that the kids wouldn't be getting all of their presents while we were away on holiday. They would get their stocking and a few of the lighter/smaller presents. They all had to fit in one suitcase and I used one wrapping paper for Ellie and one for Becky so we knew who's presents were who's. When we got home they had a 2nd Christmas and opened the rest of their presents. It worked well.

Sort the luggage!

We decided that we would take 3 suitcases. One for mine and Stu's clothes, one for the kids and one full of presents. As we were travelling by train that's all we could manage as Ellie wasn't big or strong enough to pull one. We took a couple of backpacks too with all the electronics in which could be kept close to us at all times.

On the way home we managed to fit one of the smaller suitcases into the large one so there was only two to worry about.

Keep up the traditions!

We kept some of the same traditions. New pj's on Christmas  eve, leaving milk and a cookie out for Santa, sneaking into the kids room with the stockings while they were asleep, waking early to open presents, watching the Christmas day film and eating as many mince pies as we could!

Stay off social media (a little).

When we went on holiday we were not keen on letting people know we were away from home. We lived in a rough area, I didn't even mention it on my blog until we home. I wanted the house to be safe. I did share some photos on Instagram but I was careful about what I shared. There were a lot of close ups of various things.

Scrap the bedtime routine.

The kids didn't have a set bedtime when we were away and were up until midnight most evenings apart from the last one where we were all in bed earlish because we'd partied too hard. We even took time each afternoon to have a nap. 

Enjoy not cooking!

I think this was the best part of Christmas was away, not having to cook. I didn't have the big Christmas food shop to do but did book a delivery for the day after we got back home. It was so good to have a cooked breakfast every day and a big meal each evening. I think the only thing I missed was the leftovers from the Christmas lunch! I cooked a Christmas lunch over new year so I missed out on nothing!

Take snacks!

After having a big breakfast and a big evening meal we didn't really need to eat much during the day so I made sure we had plenty of snacks. Crisps, cereal bars and fruit which I bought after we got off the train in a shop near the hotel so there was less to carry when we were travelling.

Join in with the fun that the hotel offers!

We thought the kids might be a little bored and I made sure to take their tablets, colouring books and a couple of board games but they were kept amused the whole time.

Hot drinks and mince pies every afternoon, hot chocolate and carols on Christmas eve, they had board games, there was bingo and entertainment each evening. The kids thought the Christmas day disco was the best. They were the only kids there so got all the attention and had a good giggle at all the old grannies getting tipsy. hehehe They thought it was so cringy but loved it!

Have you ever had a Christmas in a hotel?


  1. Fab tips and preparation is key to reducing the stress X

  2. Great tips! I don't think we have ever been away for Christmas. I remember you guys having such a fab time though, so never say never! xx

  3. We've never spent Christmas in a hotel but it certainly appeals on the housework front! #MMBC