Friday 8 November 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Wet! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

Is anyone else sick of the rain? I am! It has rained here most of the week. Wednesday morning it was bright but it didn't last by mid afternoon it was starting to drizzle and by the time Becky came in from college it was chucking it down. She got soaked!

Ellie has finally given in and admitted that she needs to wear a coat to school. She doesn't like to as the kids are not allowed to wear their coats inside of the school and have to carry them around. I refuse to pay the ridiculous amount to hire a locker for a year because she really doesn't need one. Yesterday she went to school with a jacket and a woolly hat on and left me with orders to buy her a coat with a hood. I found a couple which are more like mac's then thick coats so they're light and can fold up and be put in her bag. I of course had to wait to order one until she got in from school because she's a fussy so and so.

We were supposed to be going to the local bonfire and firework display earlier in the week but it had rained all day and it was cold so I didn't fancy it. I thought I would have my work cut out convincing them that we didn't need to go but they weren't fussed about going out into the cold. Phew! So we got to stay in the warm and I'm glad we did because we could see all of the fireworks from the front bedroom window! 

I was sat on the loo the other night and felt something drop onto the top of my head! I screamed, my first thought was it that it was a spider. I built up the courage to touch my head and it was wet! Phew! At least it wasn't a spider. I looked up thinking the roof was leaking but no there was loads of water drops on the extractor fan. I guess we really should start using it when we're in the bath. Oops.

Stu had an unexpected day off work yesterday because of the rain. He mostly works outside as a general laborer. (A big change from working in a shop when we lived in Northumberland but he loves it.) It was so wet that his boss rang to say don't bother coming in. It's fine, he has been working extra hours to make up for days like that so we're not losing out on any money. It meant he could do a few jobs around the house which have needed doing for a while.

It's got to that time of the year where there is wet washing hung everywhere. I have 3 big airers which is more than enough for a load of washing but I don't want to have the heating on all day to dry it so we're thinking about getting a tumble dryer. We're not going to buy a new one, it will be second hand from the local auction. We just have to wait for one to come in. I'm would buy new if we would be using it all of the time but it's only weeks like this that we need it.


  1. We've been lucky enough to have the sunshine back this morning, I hope it's arrived for you too! I got a quick walk in while I could, you never know when the next downpour is on it's way do you? Ah Britain! #wotw

  2. Seems you've had more rain than us. We've had some, but nothing remarkable. A tumble dryer will make so much difference. Gets the moisture out of the house. Good idea to wait for Ellie to see the coat choice. I've made the mistake before. Hope your weekend is dryer. #wotw

  3. It hasn't been so bad here, a bit of rain here and there. We didn't go and see any fireworks either, there were plenty to see from the window but none of us were really bothered. I don't like extractor fans either and would rather leave a window or a door open after a shower or bath. The Little Man won't even use the toilet if the fan is on, and it comes on when you turn on the light, so we have to pull the fuse out a little. I hope you have a dryer week next week x

  4. How nice that you got to watch fireworks from your window rather than having to go out in the cold and wet. We have fireworks once a year (on the 4th of July). If we miss them, we have to wait another year.

  5. Hope that the rain eases off soon and that Ellie likes her new coat. It's nice when you can sit inside in the warm and enjoy the fireworks from your window - we tend to do that too. It's so difficult to dry washing inside at this time of year isn't it? Hope you manage to get a tumble dryer soon. #WotW

  6. Yes it has been quite a wet week! There is a definite shift in the weather with it being really cold and very wet. I guess it’s preparing us for what’s next.....Snow!! Our town’s fireworks were the weekend before Halloween so at least it was dry then but I did notice other local fireworks were cancelled due to the bad weather and have been rearranged to this weekend. Oh a tumble dryer will definitely change your life! I remember drying things in the airing cupboard at our old house and it would sometimes go hard. With a tumble dryer you just chuck them in and forget about them although you don’t get the same smell as them being air dried I don’t think. Towels are much softer too than being air dried. Hopefully the rain does one soon #MMBC

  7. Its a pain - seems to rain everyday here