Tuesday 5 November 2019

Blogging every day! How I do it!

Last month I joined in and linked up with a lot of other bloggers taking part in Blogtober where people blog everyday for a month lots of these people don't blog daily and it got me thinking about how I do and always have.

When I started blogging almost 7 years ago I had a lot to say and started blogging daily. The blogs I read did and I thought it was the done thing. It never dawned on me that some people only blog every other day, once or twice a week. I have never regretted choosing to blog daily and over the years I have found it easier then when I first started.

When I first started blogging I had no routine. I would blog about anything on any given day. Over the years I have got into more of a routine and joined in with some fab linkies where I've met some wonderful people.

After a couple of months of blogging I started meal planning and joined in with a meal planning linky which was ran on a Monday. It has really changed our lives. I don't buy random things we don't need and there is a lot less waste. Monday became Meal Planning Monday.

Then I discovered Silent Sunday. One photo and no words. It was a simple post to write, there was no writing as such. Back then I didn't even edit the photos, I just shared one that I liked that week.

I think it was in 2014 when I came across Word of the Week. Jocelyn from The Reading Residence used to run and Ann from Raisie Bay took it over! The idea of the linky is to reflect back on your past week summing it up in a word or phrase. I write about what we have been doing for the past week, the every day things which don't really deserve their own blog post but do deserve to be remembered.

In 2014 right through to the end of 2016 Wednesday were taken up with Wicked Wednesday photos. A linky that Brummy Mummy of 2 used to run. It was to share a funny photo from your life. Mine used to mainly involve the stupid things the kids did (mostly Ellie). lol I am still sad that Emma stopped running it. hehehe

As time went on I was lucky enough to receive things to review and once a week I would post a review blog post. I do try to keep it to once a week but sometimes there might be a 2nd review post especially in the run up to Christmas.

In 2015 I started taking part in Project 365 where I take a photo every day for a year and write a little about it. There is a fab community of ladies who join in with it and it is a brilliant way to record the everyday moments. 

So as it stands now it's.

Monday - Meal planning 
Tuesday - Family life or something personal.
Wednesday - A review.
Thursday - Something random! A recipe, tips, a wish list or something completely different!
Friday - Word of the Week.
Saturday - Project 365.
Sunday - My Sunday snapshot.

People sometimes ask how I manage to daily blog. I think it's years of practice and to be honest Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday's blog post's practically write themselves. On a Friday evening I have a blog post writing session and get my blog posts done for the week up until Friday's. I can't write the Word of the Week post until the week has happened, I write that usually on the Thursday.

I can't see myself ever stopping daily blogging, to me it would seem really strange not to. There is no right or wrong amount to blog. You do things your way. Your blog, your rules!

How often do you publish a new blog post?


  1. I used to blog daily too although these days it tends to be 3-4 times a week, partly due to lack of time but also due to being out of the habit of blogging daily. I like the idea of having a big blog post writing session on one day - that’s a good way of doing things. I think having a routine also helps - that was what worked for me too x

    1. Ahh! You must have your hands full especially with 2 little one's. I couldn't blog daily if my two weren't at school/college.

  2. I wish I could be as organised as you and blog daily, posts take me hours to write sometimes and I am so disorganised x

  3. Interesting post taking me back through my own long adventure with blogging. I used to use it for therapy but now want to monetise so need a different approach I think. I am going to be making major moves but will always miss old-time blogging where everyone was so kind and supportive because there was no money involved. I always love your honest and real approach and long may that continue and you got me into meal planning! #MMBC

    1. Good luck with making some money and the meal planning! I do love the olden days of blogging. It's wonderful that people can make a living from blogging now but I do miss the time where everyone just did it for fun. Thank you!

  4. I used to blog pretty much daily, and you're right. If you enjoy it and have habitual posts, it's faster. I needed to reduce my time - and dropped most of the linkies because I wasn't really getting much out of them. I also needed time back for my second blog (which I've not blogged on for the last year really, because I'm not dancing at the moment). So I'm now blogging 3-5 times a week. But those posts are generally 850-1300 words, so take a lot longer to write. I thin as long as someone's enjoying it, and getting what they want from blogging, that's the importannt thing.

  5. I was really feeling like I had hit a wall today. This post has inspired me so thank you! Xx