Friday 1 November 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Halloween! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

This past week has all been about Halloween. Some of last week too. The kids have been so excited and it was our first Halloween in the new house. We didn't really see any houses decorated or pumpkins until mid-week when I was walking to my dad's and saw the spooky house with a ghost and devil in the garden. When we went past yesterday the walls had pumpkins on too.

Ellie and her friends have been planning to go trick or treating for weeks. I bought the costumes a couple of weeks ago and Becky who isn't usually keen on dressing up was all gung-ho, I was sending her along to keep Ellie under control. lol

Over the weekend we carved the pumpkins and the kids had fantastic fun. We didn't go overboard doing any fancy designs, we kept things simple and I think they looked fab!

Last week we made some shortbread witch fingers which I blogged about and some bat cupcakes which featured in My Sunday Snapshot.

Ellie came in yesterday and started getting ready. She was a zombie prom queen and Becky was a zombie cheerleader. They both even had a bit of face paint on. Becky really got into the spirit of things and had a white face and the fake blood. I was really surprised with her. I feel that she has lost all inhibitions since moving here. She doesn't care what people think about her which is a fantastic thing.

I bought the sweets. 40 mini bags of Haribo, 10 Malteasers and 12 little tubs of Smarties and was starting to think no one was going to knock but the kids kept coming and coming! The costumes were all fantastic and by 6.45 we had ran out of sweets and had to resort to chocolate biscuits. lol

The kids had a fab time trick or treating and came home with a ton of sweets!! More than they've ever had before. Halloween was a huge success here!


  1. I love the pumpkins and the costumes. We had so many callers we ran out of sweets despite buying two boxes and a bag of lollies. I think Boo was a little to generous to the first callers and we had to calm down her enthusiam for handing out tons to every child. Bless her, she was up and at the door in seconds when it knocked and complimented everyone on their costumes and wished them all a Happy Halloween and thanked them for coming. I hope the girls had a good haul too. xx

  2. It looks like you all had a fabulous time. There were very few houses by us that had decorations and we only had a few callers so ours was very quiet, which suits me! It's lovely to see how well your girls have settled into your new home.

  3. We learned the hard way over the years to get plenty pf small things and dole them out to the trick or treaters. Otherwise a lovely Halloween around here; our kids are bigger now, but both got out and enjoyed it all. #WotW

  4. I love seeing the decorated houses. So much fun. I like the simple pumpkin faces to scare away the bad spirits. I'm glad Becky is able to join in and enjoy herself. Nothing like having a younger sibling to keep the fun going. Your area seems to really get into the spirit. I think both your girls look very convincing. #wotw

  5. Glad that your kids had fun trick or treating. Our trick or treat was postponed until tonight due to thunderstorms in the area. We are taking our grandsons. Should be fun!

  6. Oh I love the costumes and the pumpkins! I'm so with you on keeping things simple! All the painting and fancy things that folk do now are just too much effort for me, stick to a good old spoon and a knife carve :D #wotw

  7. Moving house really does sound like it was the best thing for all of you and how lovely that Becky seems so much more relaxed since you moved. I love the pumpkins and those costumes are fab. That house does look spooky! Glad you had a fun Halloween :-) #WotW

  8. I love the Halloween costumes!

    We didn't run out of sweets this year but we started late because of dance class. Our street was packed with families and I had to drive really carefully as there were so many people blocking the road!