Tuesday 12 November 2019

Period talk & the contraceptive implant!

Just after my youngest, Ellie was born I tried a couple of different contraceptive pills. They didn't work for me. One gave me terrible migraines and the other made me sick! I felt like I had morning sickness again. I couldn't function so I went back to the doctors and she suggested the contraceptive implant and I have been using that ever since.

I had the first one put in and had an utter nightmare with the healing process especially when it came to taking the bandage off. There was blisters, massive bruising and it bloody hurt. I did actually ring the NHS helpline because I was so sore and worried. As soon as the steri-strips were off it did start to heal.

I stuck with it and I am glad I did. I had about 2 and a half years without any periods and then they came back just before I was due to get the implant changed. I got the implant changed and my periods disappeared. 2nd time around the minor operation (it is classed as that) was fine. I was obviously a little sore but nothing compared to the first time. There was hardly any bruising and no blisters at all. My periods vanished again.

When I had the 3rd implant put in there was debate about where the implant should be placed. The first and 2nd implant were on the under of my upper arm but the third one was moved further around my arm but next time it would need to be in my other arm. Eek! I am dreading it.

Now is the time where my body is screaming for my implant to be changed. For the last couple of months my periods have been erratic to say the least! As of writing this on the 9th of November I have been bleeding, on a heavy period, or whatever you want to call it for 3 whole weeks. I've had the whole lot over the past three weeks: cramps, clots, heavy bleeding, bloating, mood swings, aching, spots, diarrhea and constipation. I feel exhausted with it all! I feel like my body is saying here's all the periods you missed out on, enjoy. It's quite normal with the implant says the nurse at the GP's.

Before I had the implant in I would suffer with most of the period complaints to some degree but when I've had the implant in I don't have hardly any periods. The worst I get is one that lasts a day maybe every 6 months. I've spent 2 and a half years in ignorance and it's a shock to the system when they do come back!

I have totally milked having this stupid period though. I have had my fella heating up a hot water bottle for me to partly ease the cramps and mostly warm me up because I hate having the heating on during the day. I have scared my dad. He isn't a modern fella. He hates the word "period" and gets totally freaked out by it. If you get a sanitary pad out of your bag he will turn around, walk away and pretend he's not seen it. His partner, Sarah knows I have been "on" forever and sympathises and she keeps saying "Kim feels like rubbish, it's her time of the month" and he asks no more questions.

My dad is 70 odd years old and is of the generation which doesn't talk about periods. Thankfully my fella does talk about them and understands them. It's a good job living with 3 females. When Becky and I have periods he supplies us with hot water bottles, blankets and an endless supply of chocolate. hahaha

When I saw the nurse when we registered with the doctors back in the summer I did say my periods were coming back and she suggested to get the implant changed a couple of months before it was due. That is now!! I did ring up the doctors and the only appointment they could offer me at the time was on the 21st of this month. That isn't going to work. It's my 40th birthday so I'm going to ring later this week to see what other appointments they have.

I have heard horror stories about the contraceptive implant but so far it seems to be working well for me, well apart from the last few months of it's lifespan. Have you had any experience with the contraceptive implant? How did it work out for you?


  1. I've never had anything but the mini pill. I never really had much issues with my periods either, but I did milk it every month, yep, hot water bottle and warm drinks please. I kind of miss being able to blame everything on my 'monthly.' I haven't had one for over a year now, and I've had no noticable menopausal symptoms. The only bad symptom I suffered was hormone migraines, but even they've stopped now. I'd say I'm lucky, but I live in a house with three girls, so no I'm not!
    I hope you get your implant soon, it would be nice if they could do it before your birthday. And I really hope you get some relief soon, you can take a pill to stop bleeding, ask your GP, they work pretty good. I think they are called Tranexamic Acid and are prescribed for heavy periods. xx

  2. Lots of my friends and younger family members have used this - n9t heard of any issues or unplanmed pregnancies either