Saturday 23 November 2019

Week 47 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

What a week. There's been tears and tantrums (from me), hospital appointments (Ellie's heart check) and of course my birthday which was over in a blink of an eye. Why is it birthdays only seem to last half the time of normal days. Hmmf. I've had some ups and downs this past week but all is good now. 

Now for a photo every day!

318/365 - 16th November
On Saturday I had been blogging for 7 years. There of course had to be cake. This little blog of mine is a big part of my families life.

319/365 - 17th November
Becky my teenager loves the Brussels Sprout Christmas crisps from Walkers. Personally I think they taste disgusting. The Glazed Ham one's are my favourite.

320/365 - 18th November
It was such a bright morning and the moon was still out. I remember when Ellie was little she used to get so excited about seeing the moon. Usually she was in bed when it was out so seeing it during the day was a real treat. It made me think of her.

321/365 - 19th November
A not so bright morning and it was so frosty. I was glad that I didn't have to rush out. Stu went to work on his bike which I wasn't happy about, it was still icy. He made it there safely but I can see him having to either leave the bike at home or walk with it when more ice comes. 

322/365 - 20th November
We spent the morning at the hospital for Ellie's heart check. All is good, no change from last year, the valves are still leaking but it's nothing serious & we're back in 18 months. We had a toilet break and took a quick photo to take our mind of tests and doctors.

323/365 - 21st November
My birthday and I was well and truly spoilt rotten. It's the most presents and cards I've had in years and the photo above is not everything. lol I spent the day smiling and saying I was so so happy. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. 

324/365 - 22nd November
My new favourite candle. Gingerbread. It was a bargain, only a few pounds from Home Bargains.

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  1. Happy blogversary and happy birthday to you! I've seen your birthday gifts on Insta, looks like you've got a lot of lovely things! So glad to hear about the heart check going well, that's a big relief.
    Brussels sprouts crisps sound slightly nauseous, and do like sprouts generally. :)

  2. Happy blog anniversary!

    I have seen those crisps and was nearly tempted to give them a try....but considering I don't actually eat brussel sprouts I thought I would hate them!

    Happy birthday!

    And glad the appointment went ok

  3. Happy birthday to you! Glad you had such a lovely day.
    Glad to hear Ellie's heart check up went well. That must be a real weight off your mind. x

  4. Good news for Ellie. Happy Birthday x #365

  5. Glad you had a lovely birthday and happy blogversary. The Brussels Sprouts crisps sound foul.

  6. Happy birthday and blogiversary. You look so different in that photo without your fringe! Good news on Ellie's tests

  7. Amother amazing week - brussel sprout crisps - not my cup of tea

  8. Aww happy blogoversary. It is amazing how quickly it goes past. And happy birthday too. You look so different in that photo. And great news on Ellie's tests x

  9. happy blogaversary, quite right to have a cake.
    Happy belated birthday (again)
    Glad her tests went well.

  10. Happy blog-o-versary!! That definitely calls for a cake. Good to know Ellie is alright. Cute picture of you both and I love your hair! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! May you have many more....which you do, considering you have alot of presents!

  11. I had the sprout crisps last year and quite liked them! I haven't checked them out this year so don't know if they are vegan... Congratulations to 7 blogging years! #project365

  12. Happy birthday and blogversary and no no no to the Brussels sprouts crisps, that's just wrong. What a great haul of presents you had

  13. Awww Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you had a lovely day. Congratulations on the 7 years blogging that’s an amazing achievement well done! I’m not sure I would like Brussel sprout crisps either!