Thursday 13 December 2018

What my girls are not getting for Christmas.

I think I have finished the Christmas shopping. A few years ago I would mention on my blog what my girls would be getting for Christmas but now they are older and are nosy so and so's and I don't want to ruin any surprises. hehehe

I decided to do things a little differently and write about what they won't be getting!

It is Becky's dream to own an iPhone and she asks for one at least once a week. Last time I checked online the iPhone X costs about£1000. That is more than 2 months rent! If I had a spare thousand pound I still wouldn't buy her it. She only uses her phone now on the way home from school to text me, she uses her tablet more.

Ellie has her sights set on the L.O.L. Surprise! Eye Spy Bigger Surprise which costs about £80.00. She is convinced she will be getting it for Christmas. 

A few years ago I said no way to a Hatchimal and she ended up getting one for Christmas. It was only because I won one in a competition. She thinks I am doing the same this year, saying no way and then surprising her!

As much as she loves the L.O.L dolls I do think that most of the excitement comes from opening the toy and eighty odd pounds is a lot to pay for about 10 minutes of fun.

Ellie got the L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Playset for her birthday which cost nearly £30 and I think that is the most I would pay for something like this. I am not being a total meanie, Ellie might have a couple of smaller L.O.L surprises for Christmas.

Becky has been asking for a Microsoft Xbox One for Christmas and I really can't see the point of buying one when we have an xbox 360 sat there. The kids only bother playing Minecraft of some skate boarding game on it. In fact there are some weeks where I use it more just to watch YouTube through it. lol If I was going to buy a gaming console I would buy a Playstation 4. It would be something different.

Ellie is also dreaming of the My Lovely Unicorn 12V Power Ride-On. There are many reasons why she is not getting this but she has an argument against all of my reasons. lol

She is too big for it but saw a clip of Holly Willoughby riding it on ITV's This Morning and she is adamant that she is the right size. There is also my point of there is nowhere to ride it. Ellie says she would ride it up and down our street. No chance! Not with the kids around here. It would either be broken or stolen within half an hour.

Becky has some expensive taste in clothes. She wants a pair of trainers which cost over £150. I only got her some for her birthday in September which actually cost more than I would pay for trainers for myself. I really don't see the point of spending so much on trainers when she would only wear them on the weekend, she certainly wouldn't be using them for P.E at school. Maybe if her feet had stopped growing I might consider buying her them but she will be moving up a size within a year. Don't even get me started on the tracksuits that she wants, just because they are Adidas & Nike. They cost a small fortune!

Is there anything on your children's Christmas list that they want but won't be getting?


  1. I think Ella would want all the same things as your Ellie and she won't be getting them either for much the same reasons you've given!

  2. I love your spin on this post, the not-getting list! Some toys are so expensive and then yes, when they want trainers and clothes it's a whole other level. Fortunately my girl's just asked for 'surprises' this year and then my son has been quite restrained, too, so we're all set here! x

  3. As an adult I can now understand how difficult it must have been for my mum to afford Christmas and birthday's. Thankfully the children haven't asked fir anything spectacular this year

  4. Very sensible on your part! I wouldn’t buy a new games console and I wouldn’t spend £150 on trainers either! My kids don’t really ask for anything! My daughter has a small list, but nothing costs more than £30. My younger son has asked for some expensive headphones, which he will be getting as there’s literally nothing else he wants. He knows that’s all he will be getting from us!

  5. I love that you've done this, when Midge is older I should like to do this haha. I have so many bad reviews about the LOL dolls being a total rip off at 80.00 so I don't blame you for that. I struggle to spend 15 on jeans haha and PlayStation trump Xbox any day but agaib I totally see your logic in that!

  6. Honestly some kids stuff these days is outrageously priced especially the LOL doll stuff from what I can see! iPhone wise of you do ever decide to relent or let them save up for their own both my boys have one and they came sim free second hand from Cex so much cheaper and they give you a guarantee for a year, they replaced one of ours that went wrong without any quibbles at all. If the boys want to upgrade I make them save up for it, they saved most of the money for the ones they have now :)

    Stevie x

  7. my boys use to put their Christmas money towards trainers once they stopped believing. I would contribute what I would normally pay and they would add the rest. Having said that they got plenty of wear as they both use to change into their trainers on the school bus and carry their shoes round all day in their bags, so I stopped buying school shoes, did not see the point. It was them that did the punishment exercises when the school handed them out.

  8. I did have to giggle at the unicorn ride on. We should get two and we could have a race on them up the street when we have a get together haha!
    Jayden wants an Alpaca! Only my kids lol x