Saturday 1 December 2018

A relaxed December Bucket list.

For the past few years we have tried to cram as much into December as we could and in the run up to this month I have stressed myself out thinking about it so this year we are going to be more relaxed about things. 

We are not going to do as much, the Elf on the Shelf that we have done over the past three years is not coming to stay and I am going to schedule blog posts over Christmas but I will be taking a step back. I am going to try and have a bit of a break from blogging and social media.

We of course will be doing some fun things. This is what we have planned.

Go for a winter walk.
As much as I would love to hibernate I am going to take the kids out for a walk. Not around the shops but maybe around the woods and lake.

Watch at least 10 Christmas films.
Home Alone 1 & 2, The Snowman, Love Actually, Elf, The Nightmare before Christmas, Arthur Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street and all the Nativity films. 

Have lots of hot chocolate!
With marshmallows and squirty cream of course.

Do some baking!
We will just be using the kits from Tesco. I have spotted the Christmas Unicorn Fairy Cake Kit which I know Ellie will love.

For the past few years we have put a Gingerbread house together but this time Tesco have the Gingerbread Kit Toy Shop which we fancy giving a try.

Drink a Snowball or three!
I only ever drink it at Christmas. Advacat & lemonade! Yum!

Make some Christmas decorations.
We always get something from Baker Ross or Hobbycraft to make and the girls always have fantastic fun. I have a big cardboard box full of just things we have made and they are so special to me.

Get all the Christmas presents wrapped!
I want to get all the Christmas presents wrapped by the middle of December at the latest! I will do it this year and not leave it until Christmas eve!

Have a look around the shops on Christmas Eve.
My fella is off work again on Christmas eve again. Two years running. Hooray so we're going to make the most of it. Hopefully we can nip out and do some last minute shopping.

What’s on your bucket list? How do you spend the festive period?


  1. I just need to get organised! Then I will relax xx

  2. I've never had a snowball before! I need to find all the little presents I've been squirrelling away x

  3. This sounds lovely Kim, it's definitely worth having a relaxed approach in December! The Gingerbread toy shop kit looks fun, we might try it too :) Polly x

  4. Lovely bucket list. Loving the sound of your films! #MMBC

  5. Great idea to relax and enjoy the season. Great list Kim! #MMBC

  6. I always take a blogging break between Christmas and New Year, it always makes me more excited about blogging again in January :o)


  7. I love your bucket list! I like going for wintery walks, there are a few places here that are lovely to walk around no matter the time of year. And omg I know it's winter but I've had enough with the rain lol.