Wednesday 19 December 2018

Fun pyjamas for kids and adults from The Pyjama Factory!

As a family we love wearing pyjamas. I probably own more sets of pj's than normal clothes. lol When the kids get in from school they always change into their pyjamas, especially in the winter. Pj's are cosier than normal clothes aren't they?!

Recently I was asked if I would like to choose some pyjamas from The Pyjama Factory to review! 

ThePyjamaFactory sell top quality pyjamas with rock bottom prices in line with all the latest fashion trends and popular characters! The company has grown to be one of the leading online nightwear retailers in the UK selling on various channels worldwide to over 150,000 customers yearly and growing fast!

Looking at the website there was so much choice! Everything from Harry Potter, Fortnite, Emoji, Peppa Pig, Disney Princesses and Dan TDM to name a few.

I chose a pair each for my girls. The Sparkle Like a Unicorn Emoji Long Pyjamas for Ellie. She loves anything with unicorns on so it was an easy choice.

This girls pyjama set has an emoji unicorn cake slogan printed across the front and has matching elasticated long bottoms. Ellie of course loves them. They are well made and they fitted perfectly! They are a bargain price of £7.99.

For Becky I chose the Girls 3D Pug Long Pyjamas Paw Print set which cost £11.99.

These are fantastic pyjamas. Becky is crazy about pugs so these were perfect for her. They are not made from normal pyjama material, the top feels more silky. I was so pleased to see that they went up to age 15 to 16 in girls clothing. Most places don't. Again these fitted perfectly!

The girls couldn't wait to try them on and they said they felt comfortable and they are now their favourite pj's!

As well as sets of pyjamas which would make fantastic gifts The Pyjama Factory has a fantastic Christmas range with matching pj's for the whole family!

If you order by the 20th of December (tomorrow) you can have them delivered in time for Christmas!

The Pyjama Factory is a site which I have added to my favourites and I will be going back and shopping with them again!

We were sent these pyjamas free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. Oh I love your choices! These are beautiful. We seriously love PJ's in our house and would stay in them all day every day if we could hehe, (well I would) :)

  2. Great choices. Sophie has some new pyjamas from the Pyjama Factory as well and she loves them :-)