Tuesday 11 December 2018

Slimline X Wing Airer from Addis - Review!

Recently I got an email about some of Addis's best sellers! Addis is the go to Great British housewares brand for quality, great product design and great value. 

I hate this time of year when it comes to getting the washing dried. Even when the weather is dry it is still too cold to get anything dried on the washing line outside. We used to have a tumble dryer but it was one of the faulty one's and we never bothered to replace it so I use airers in the house.

I chose the Slimline X Wing Airer which is currently on sale for £9.99 from Robert Dyas.

Designed with strong bars for clothes to hang from, the Slimline X Wing Addis airer can be used in multiple positions around the home for optimum drying. It has a compact and slimline design which again, is ideal for when space is limited as the user can effortlessly fold away when not in use, ready for next time.

The airer has adjustable arms which can be folded closed when not in use and for a half a load of washing it doesn't need to be fully extended. There are also handy hooks on each corner of this airer to help get shirts dry and ready for work on a Sunday evening. There's a flat section for delicate's to keep them in a safe place whilst they're drying and out of the way.

The airer comes in a stylish grey colour that will complement any home decor. Doing the washing never looked so good!

I was so excited when this arrived. I had an over flowing washing basket and of course the weather was rubbish. It didn't take me long to get it up and filled with clothes, in fact it only took me a couple of minutes. 

I obviously don't have to tell you how to use a clothes airer but we have another one which is so fiddly to put up and down, if you are not careful you can jam your fingers. With the Slimline X Wing Airer you don't have to worry about that. It is up and down within seconds!

This is a good size and can easily fit nearly a whole load of washing on. The only thing we struggled to get on was my fella's and my jeans, big jumpers and towels. The airer just wasn't wide enough. It's not a big problem because we can easily put the bigger things somewhere else.

The advantage to it being narrow is the fact that it fits in the bath. I had never thought of putting an airer in the bath to dry clothes. (Obviously not with water in). It is great because it is out of the way. I always think the house looks messy when there is clothes hung around so this is perfect!

It is well built and is solid. I can see this lasting a while. I thought it might be a bit unstable if one side was filled when the arms were up but it really isn't.

I am very happy with my new airer and with the weather we've been having I can see it getting plenty of use!

I was sent this free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. I use an airer (I don't tumble dry woollens or the school sweatshirts) but mine takes up loads of room. I think I need something smaller and easier to stash away like this. Great review Kim x

  2. Looks very well made and would come in handy during winter time X #triedtested

  3. I would never have thought of putting an airer in the bath. I don't think this would be big enough for us though - we have a big washing machine and a big family!