Saturday 22 December 2018

A photo every day for a year! Week 51 of #Project365

It's nearly Christmas. Are we all ready? I am feeling pretty prepared. I keep thinking that something is bound to go wrong because I feel too ready! Eek! I think not having to plan Christmas dinner (we're going out) has really taken the pressure off.

This week I was quite tempted to do a photo every day of what the postman brought me. I have had presents delivered from family and friends, cards, prizes I have won in giveaways and gifts from brands that I worked with over the past year which is really kind. Each parcel and package has been a surprise. Yesterday I had a delivery from I think every single delivery company and even my postman came twice. hehehe

Now for a photo every day! 

my girls making a gingerbread house
the shower
A box of Dairy box chocolate and a Thorntons chocolate hamper
Love Actually on the TV and A box of Christmas teas

349/365 - 15th December
The girls made their gingerbread houses. They were all eaten in a couple of days.

350/365 - 16th December
This was the only photo I took on Sunday. I turned the shower on for Ellie. She does shower herself but isn't tall enough to reach over and turn it on for the water to warm up  before she gets in.

351/365 - 17th December
We were sent some pyjama's to review. We love new pj's here. The girls were very impressed!

352/365 - 18th December
I found this box of chocolates while wrapping the last of the presents. I couldn't remember who they were for so I ate them. Everyone has presents so no one will be missing out. lol

353/365 - 19th December
The lovely Jayne from Sticky Mud & Belly Laughs sent me and my family a very fancy Thorntons hamper for Christmas. She is so kind and such a good friend.

354/365 - 20th December
Love Actually!! Such a good Christmas film.

355/365 - 21st December
Earlier in the year I reviewed Adagio Teas and yesterday a lovely surprise from them arrived. I did not expect it but I do love the sound of all the festive teas! 

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  1. The new pyjamas look lovely. I love that you ate the chocolates because you couldn't remember who they were for! Hope you have a lovely Christmas. x

  2. How lovely that your girls made gingerbread houses. My plan is to make some gingerbread men tomorrow, don't know if I have energy to do a house as well. Very nice PJs! Enjoy your festive Adagio teas, these little boxes look very pretty. Merry Christmas, Kim! xxx

  3. Ooh I love Love Actually. Such a fab film. Have a great Christmas

  4. This is the first year we haven't made a gingerbread house. Love your hamper of treats, very lucky. Have a good Christmas #365

  5. I love watching christmas movies and have seen Love Actually twice this month. You're lucky to have such a reliable delivery service and get so much post. eating out really does remove most of the stress of christmas, we do it every year. hope you all had a wonderful day x

  6. what a lovely gesture from Jayne. and lol at the Dairy Box. We use to have the bother with Bob when we had a shower over the bath.
    I bought a gingerbread village in the sale for the kids to do at some point.

  7. I don't like gingerbread but am determined to make gingerbread houses next year in order to be more festive #project365