Tuesday 25 December 2018

Christmas leftover Recipes.

I love Christmas dinner but I also love all the leftovers too! I always cook far too much so we are always eating the leftovers for days. Here is a few ideas on what to do with your leftovers!

Bubble and squeak is one of the tastiest ways to use up mashed potato and leftover veg. It is so simple to make too!

This turkey Thai green curry is a great way of using up leftover cooked turkey after Christmas.

Pan-fried Turkey, Brie and Cranberry Sandwich.

Sweet cranberry jam pairs perfectly with melting brie and your leftover turkey. 

This healthy dish will be on the table in 15 minutes!

This turkey Jambalaya recipe is a traditional Creole dish using rice that brings a taste of Louisiana to your dining room

Use up leftover Christmas cake with these boozy sundaes, drizzled with a toffee sauce and topped with leftover nuts. 

These fudgy, spiced brownies are great served chilled as a festive afternoon treat, or warm for dessert with ice cream and a lovely caramel sauce.

What will you be doing with your leftovers?

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  1. Yummm I am yet to eat my UK Christmas dinner (should be tomorrow !) but these all look totally delicious :)