Thursday 27 December 2018

Toys that I wanted for Christmas but never got...

Did you children get all they asked for over Christmas? My girls did well apart from Becky still wanting an iPhone. They still actually have a few presents to open this afternoon which they don't know about. It's going to be such a big surprise!

This blog post was prompted by Becky saying she's never going to get an iPhone for Christmas. Well, she's not unless she buys one herself. hehehe They are too expensive for us to buy. Anyway, it got me thinking about all the things I wanted for Christmas as a child and never got. They weren't as expensive as an iPhone though. hehehe

A Furby.

I think this was my most wanted present which I never got. I was about 17 years old when they were first released but I still wanted one. I'd had a Tamagotchi virtual pet the year before and the only reason I didn't have it anymore was because my mother had left it in a pocket while she was looking after it and it ended up in the washing machine. They were not waterproof. 

Mr Frosty.

Mr Frosty was the thing of dreams in the 80's. We all wanted this little fella because it meant we could make slush puppy drinks to our heart's content. I think my mother didn't by me one because she knew the mess and chaos I'd create. I was daft enough to by Ellie one a few years ago for Christmas. It was the Olaf slush maker. I'd say near enough the same as Mr Frosty. It was useless! It did not crush ice.

Fisher-Price Tape Recorder.

This battery-operated tape player was also a recorder with a built in microphone. The player was sold with a cassette tape with sounds on one side and blank on other side to allow you to record your own sounds. I could have made so much noise with this and I bet that's why I never received one.

Cabbage patch kid doll.

I remember being at primary school and someone had brought a doll in to play Jesus in the school nativity play. I fell in love with that Cabbage Patch kid doll there and then. Looking back now they were the ugliest looking things but all my friends seemed to have one or some even more than one....

Sylvanian Families

I can remember a friend of mine had lots of the little Sylvanian Families figures. I had none. I had a lot of Barbie dolls and clothes for them. Whenever I was faced with the choice of buying Sylvanian Families or Barbie dolls I choose the Barbie's in hope I would get Sylvanian Families for Christmas. I never did.

A Sega mega drive...

My brother had one. I loved it when he would let me play but it was his and didn't we all know it! I asked for one for Christmas for a few years. I didn't get one. I was told we already have one, yes but my brother would either hide all the games or the controllers from me when he wasn't in. All I wanted to do in life was play Sonic the Hedgehog.

What toys did you want that you never got?


  1. I bought my girl a second had iphone, an older version, but she doesn't mind. I hope the girls enjoy their extra surprises. Your toy wish list makes me think of my eldest daughter. She never got Sylvanian families, they were too expensive for me back then. She did get a Mr Frosty, which was rubbish at crushing ice. I can't really remember anything I wanted as a child, but I do remember being extremely jealous of my cousin's robot that walked and flashed. Because I loved it so much he made it walk down the stairs in a block of flats. Then I coveted his toy car park and when he caught me playing with it, he smashed it up with a hammer. to be honest though, I was really happy with colouring books and pens, lots and lots of pens. :)

  2. I always wanted Mr Frosty as a kid and asked for it every single year, I never got it either x