Monday 24 December 2018

Our Christmas Eve traditions...

I love Christmas Eve. It is always so busy doing the last minute shopping, preparing the lunch for the big day, wrapping the last of the presents and having fun with the kids. We have some traditions which we like to do every year and these are them.

New Pj's and treats.

I always make a little hamper of goodies up for us all to enjoy on Christmas eve. I don't go too crazy. 

We get some new bath stuff. Usually a bath bomb each and some body wash. You have to be clean for Santa. hehehe We have a selection box each and some treats and nibbles and of course we get some new pj's and slippers.

I did try to get us all matching pj's from Asda but they didn't have all our sizes in what we wanted so Stu and Ellie are matching and Becky and myself are.

Track Santa.

Even though Becky doesn't believe in Santa and Ellie is starting not to believe we still have to track where Santa is via the NORAD Santa Tracker.

A Christmas film.

We always watch a Christmas film or two. Our favourite is Elf. We have already watched it a couple of times over the last month or so but we never get sick of it. Another one of our favourites is The Snowman. I loved it as a child and my girls love it too.

A Takeaway.

After preparing the Christmas lunch the last thing I want to do is cook so a few years ago we started to get a takeaway for tea and it a tradition we have carried on. For the last couple of years we have had Domino's but this year I think we're going to have a change and get something different.

What are your Christmas Eve traditions?


  1. I think traditions are a great thing, something to look forward to, have the basics and mix and match with different things on different years.

  2. I wrote a post the other day when I realised we didn't really have any Christmas Eve traditions and everyone else seems to! Currently our only traditiona are tea at our house with my family, the crib service at the church for anyone who isn't preparing tea and always a photo of their kids in their pyjamas in front of the tree! Apart from that, we don't have anything. And I have NEVER seen Elf! I must be the only person in the world!