Sunday 9 December 2018

Decorating gingerbread Christmas trees!

I don't get to go to Morrisons very often the nearest one is in Morpeth which is half an hours bus ride away. We only visit when we have to. We were early for an appointment so had a look around.

 I spotted the Decorate Your Own Gingerbread Christmas Trees kit. They were on offer for two packs for £3.

My girls love doing things like this. I love them doing things like this too. Anything for 15 minutes peace. hehehe 

They are at an age now where they need no instruction or supervision from me. I was just there to take some photos and some video for this blog post. lol

I did have to stop Ellie eating everything before she had chance to decorate her trees. She is crazy about anything ginger!

They had great fun and the Christmas trees did not last long at all.

Do you do things like this in the run up to Christmas?


  1. Your girls did a fab job! We've got a gingerbread man kit to do soon. And I agree they are great for a bit of peace and quiet. 😉 x

  2. Oh my kids love stuff like this too. They also like squeezing the icing tubes straight into their mouths. We do tend to make our own biscuits though, they work out cheaper, but it's ok if you can get a good deal on them. x

  3. Fantastic team work and don't blame Ellie for testing out the ingredients ;) X #mmbc

  4. They look great!! And a lot more manageable than the gingerbread houses I've seen!

  5. I've actually bought some decorate-your-own gingerbread for the kids' stockings from Lakeland - I think they're going to love them! #MMBC