Monday 17 December 2018

Our weekly meal plan. 17th - 23rd Dec! #MealPlanningMonday

Last weeks meal plan went well. I cleared the freezer enough to fill it with Christmas party food. Hooray! We now have lots of mini sausage rolls, chicken bits, Indian an Chinese snacky things and so much more to keep us fed after Christmas. I don't have to worry about Christmas dinner as we are going out for that!

I had such a craving for a roast dinner yesterday but didn't have the get up and go to make one so my fella did. It was so good not cooking. I wasn't too keen on doing the washing up though.

This week is all about easy meals. I have a lot to do and I have no time for faffing around in the kitchen.

This week on the menu we have:

Monday - Ham, fried eggs and potato waffles.
Tuesday - Some sort of casserole cooked in the slow cooker with mash.
Wednesday - Tomato soup & ham sandwiches to dip in. 
ThursdayLasagne and garlic bread.
Friday - Sausage sandwiches.
Saturday - A Chinese takeaway.
Sunday - A meal out.


  1. oooh you are having a meal out on Sunday, that sounds nice, have fun. The rest of the week sounds pretty good too. I've not got my party nibbles and treats coming until Friday. Resisting the temptation for as long as possible :) x

  2. It's smart to make an easy week of meals - there's enough stress during the holidays w/o adding to it. #MMBC

  3. Do you think everyone in the country is using all of their freezer and fridge food up this week?! And yes, going for quick and easy meals, as much to do! x

  4. Potato waffles sounds interesting.