Sunday 30 December 2018

I nearly managed a video every week!

At the beginning of the year I set myself a little challenge to upload one video a week to my YouTube channel. I did great until the end of October. I filmed a few videos to go with blog posts which is great but then I never got around to publishing those blog posts. They will be coming soon so technically I haven't failed my little challenge. hehehe

My most viewed video of the year was Opening the Project MC2 Ultimate Makeover Bag with nearly six thousand views! Wow! Ellie loves to watch toy videos so I have a feeling a lot of children did the same and watched this. lol

I do have my favourite videos though. One's that the girls and I will look back on in years to come with fond memories! I already look at them now and see how much the girls have grown.

The snow days we had in March were lovely. It was nice for the girls to have a few unexpected days off school.

We have had some fab days out. Alnwick Castle, Amble, shopping at Newcastle, Ashington Fayre, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea but my favourite trip out was close to home and didn't cost us a penny. We had a walk around the Queen Elizabeth II Country Park.

The video which took the longest to film was Pug Painting! Becky got a painting by numbers set for Christmas and it took a good few hours to finish, over a couple of days but she got there in the end! I thought it would be fun to record then speed it up. I loved the end result.

The Smoothie Challenge was a lot to fun to film. The girls came up with the idea of doing it. They had seen other people doing it on YouTube and wanted in on the fun.

 In total I uploaded more than 70 videos throughout 2018 which I am quite shocked at. It is way more than I thought I did. Some just appeared on Youtube, some just on my blog and some both.

Here's a peek at our year!


  1. Well done. I'm terrible at editing videos because I never get round to it. So now I've just started using my phone which automatically makes video stories from videos and photos. All I need to do is make a few, edit them together, and I've a nice video. It does mean I've got lazy with using my proper camera for photos though, because it won't use those ones to make the videos annoyingly.

  2. Well done for giving it a whirl, it can be hard to keep up and get motivated at times. Happy new year to you X #mmbc