Friday 20 December 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Ready! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I think I'm just about ready for Christmas day! I hope you are too!

The Christmas cards were handed out on Friday. Last year I didn't bother writing any as I only had a few friends and we didn't bother. This year I've had to post some and write them to the people we've met since we've moved house.

On Saturday we went to the local auction. It was there last one for the year and we only went for a gossip and the free mince pies and coffee was a bonus. I did end up buying a vase which is the same as one I already have. Now I have one for each side of the fireplace. I paid £2 and didn't realise it also came with a few garden planters. lol Bonus!! 

I had such a rotten sleep on Sunday night and I am blaming the Christmas food shopping. Half the Christmas food shop was delivered on Monday. To be honest it was mainly alcohol, chocolate and the pigs in blankets which I've put in the freezer. I dreamed that the Asda man came with his van couldn't get parked and drove off taking my shopping with him and drank all my Bucks Fizz. Thankfully it all went well and he could get parked and I have my Bucks Fizz. lol

I also went shopping with my dad to get the meat on Monday. We had planned to get either just chicken or turkey but what we came home with was a turkey crown, a joint of pork and huge joint of beef which I had to cut in half as there would be far too much. My dad was just going to pay for the meat but I saw a few things I wanted in Tesco and he paid for that too. Hooray. He said it's only fair as I'm having him and his partner Sarah for Christmas day.

From Tuesday Stu has been working half days mostly. Winding down for Christmas so we decided to get the wrapping done. I went and sat on the bed surrounded by presents. I tried to think of the longest film I could think of and it was Avengers: Endgame at 3 hours long which got me through wrapping most of the presents and then I finished them off listening to Christmas music. Stu was going to help but he was annoying me so I had him just moving the present's I'd wrapped and passing me more to wrap, oh and bringing me food and drinks. lol He did well. He went to the post office and nipped in the bakery and got me some fancy cakes. He knows how to keep me happy.

We had the big Christmas clean on Wednesday! I didn't even bother switching my laptop on until we were nearly finished which is unheard of from me. Switching my laptop on in a morning is usually one of the first things I do. Becky had her last day at college for the year too. As much as she loves college she is ready for a break.

We handed over the last of the presents to my nephew and his mum on Wednesday evening. They used to come and visit us when we lived in Northumberland but now they live at the other side of Scunthorpe so it's very handy. It was nice to have a catch up and we're planning to see more of each other in the new year.

Yesterday we had a man come to inspect the non-existent insulation in the loft and see if we can get cavity wall insulation. The new insulation isn't a problem. He said we need more up there but the cavity wall insulation is a no go as we have no cavity. lol There's just a brick wall. We live in a semi-detached house now so the whole left had side of the house is an outside wall and you can tell. Going up the stairs is freezing. Thank goodness for the radiators at the top and the bottom of the stairs and thankfully Becky's bedroom with the 2 open walls isn't cold once the heating is on. When the insulation is put in the loft it should at least keep some of the heat in. We just have to wait until January to get it done.

Today Ellie finishes school early and then we can really start getting excited for Christmas. We have a busy few days coming up so tomorrow will be a lazy day then on Sunday we're going up North to visit family, Monday it's my dad's birthday and the fresh food is being delivered, then I will start the prepping the veg and cooking the turkey on Christmas Eve. Oh and I must get the Christmas cake iced. It's one of those jobs I've been meaning to do all week but haven't got around to.

I feel ready even though there is still some things to do. I'm not stressing so that is a good thing. I'm sure we'll have a wonderful Christmas. I hope you all do too! Merry Christmas!!


  1. Merry Christmas Kim, I hope you all have wonderful time, and you get to spend it with your Dad again :) I'm glad you got your Bucks Fizz, enjoy xx

  2. You DO sound like you're ready, Kim. You are doing good, handing out Christmas cards. I don't send them any more. I just got out of the habit one year when I was really busy, now I don't send them at all. So much to do this time of year! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Laughing at the idea of the delivery man driving off with your Buck's Fizz and drinking it all. Glad your dream didn't become reality! You are so organized. I've given up sending cards. The children no longer seem to hand out 100s (OK, exaggeration). I'm yet to start wrapping anything. I'll get it all done in the end. Hope your trip up North goes well. #wotw