Friday 13 December 2019

This week my Word of the Week is: Smug! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

I am feeling very pleased with myself. I think I'm just about ready for Christmas. 

At the weekend Stu and I went out shopping without the kids which was a real treat. We left the kids at home with my dad's partner Sarah. She came for a bath, they don't have a bath at their house so to have a soak is a real treat for her. She stayed for lunch, got Ellie to do her homework with no arguments and watched a film with them. It was nice not to have to rush back home. We even stopped off and had a coffee in Costa. I finally tried the Irish Velvet & Cream Latte and it was just OK, not as amazing as I thought it would be. Hmmf. We got all the presents bought, every single last one. We still need to pop to town before Christmas to get the kids an outfit each for Christmas day and that's about it. I'm done and I am feeling pretty pleased about it.

I still have all the wrapping to do and I admit I have been putting it off but I am going to rope Stu in to help. I hate wrapping presents. I much prefer opening them. hehehe I really should get them done in case I need more wrapping paper. I found the best place to get it was in B&M. £1 for 12 meters, everywhere else it seems to be £1 for 3 or 4 meters. I got the perfect one for Ellie, it's covered with Santa's riding unicorns. It's so her. hehehe

We had a meeting at the school about Ellie. It was just a check in with the SENDCo woman to make sure everything is done to look after Ellie with her deafness. They are so pleased with how she has settled into the school and said although she is quiet she is gaining confidence and getting louder by the day. They said she's a lovely girl, bright, a pleasure to teach and we should be very proud. I am. I am so pleased she's doing well. I knew she was happy at the school but I before this appointment I didn't really know how well she had settled in.

During the week I started adding more things to the online grocery order for Christmas. I think I have got everything in there but of course I will be going back and adding and removing things before it's delivered just before Christmas. On Monday my dad is taking me to the big Iceland to get all the frozen stuff which I am really looking forward to. It will be one more thing to tick off my list.

Over the weekend I am going to get the last of the Christmas cards written out. I did the one's I had to post earlier in the week and sent them off but I still have all the one's we need to hand deliver. We're also going to make the gingerbread houses and do some crafts.

I am feeling so organised this year. Last year I felt organised but had to be because we were going away for Christmas. This is the first time I've got everything done and organised for Christmas this early in December when we're staying home. I am feeling quite smug about it, I am just waiting for something to go wrong. Eek!


  1. It's nice to be prepared early and I'm glad you are feeling ready for the festive season. I still have a fair amount to do but I feel it's all under control which is an improvement on previous years! I'm with you on the Irish Velvet and Cream latte - I had the same response when I tried it. So glad that Ellie has settled in so well at school and it sounds like the school is really supportive too. #WotW

  2. You do sound organized. Enjoy the feeling and I'm sure if you have forgotten something, it really won't be a show stopper. I bet it was a relief to hear how well Ellie is settling in. Sorry the latte wasn't up to much. I've had a couple of similar coffees and they tend to disappoint. The more words in the title, the more over hyped they turn out.#wotw

  3. I am going to rope my hubby into wrapping presents too. The presents I wrap look like someone with all thumbs and a tape fetish wrapped them; his look perfect with square corners and no rough edges.

  4. Well done, you have every right to feel smug. I've been out today to help my eldest buy his presents. He's a bit of a pain to take shopping, I don't talk about him on my blog because he's an adult, but he won't see this (naughty) Anyway, he ended up buying his siblings some nice gifts. I think he may have forgotten about me, lol. Your pending trip to Icland reminds me of my Mum, I would take her just before Christmas to stock up, she loved their party bits and pieces. x

  5. good for you. mine is all bought and split into separate piles in the front bedroom ready for wrapping. that in theory is a job for the weekend.

  6. Love that you have family who come round for a bath! If we didn't have one I'd most certainly offer to babysit in exchange for using someone else's! #MMBC