Saturday 14 December 2019

Week 50 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

What a week! I was going to write something about the election results but I always try to keep politics off my blog. I'll just say I am shocked.

We're heading into the last week of school and college this year for my girls. I am so glad. We're all ready for a break from the early mornings. Excitement is building and I'm just about ready for Christmas. I still have all the wrapping to do but Stu has a morning off work next week & we're hoping to get it all started and finished. Fingers crossed! 

Now for a photo every day!

341/365 - 7th December
After spending most of the afternoon shopping Stu and I stopped off for a coffee in Costa. The Irish Velvet Latte is so overrated!

342/365 - 8th December
The kids had great fun playing the game Don't Rock The Boat that we were sent to review. There were lots of laughs.

343/365 - 9th December
I bought some more wrapping paper and found the perfect one for Ellie. A Santa riding a unicorn!!

344/365 - 10th December
My favourite hot water bottle. Stu got me it for my birthday and considering it was just a cheap one from Primark it stays hot for such a long time.

345/365 - 11th December
I was sent some amazing Chutney to review and took the rest of the photos for the blog post on Wednesday.

346/365 - 12th December
Ellie was on Santa watch. There is a local community group or something which drive a Santa around to see the kids and Ellie patiently waited to see it go past. She could have gone out to see Santa but didn't want to because all the little kids were.

347/365 - 13th December
The lovely Jayne from Sticky Mud & Belly Laughs sent my family and I a Christmas treat. I really don't want to share with the kids. hehehe

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  1. I also tend not to talk politics on my blog, but couldn't completely avoid mentioning it either this week. The chutneys look good, don't think I've ever tried a peanut chutney. Let us know what you think. Hedwig water bottle is so cute.

  2. I was shocked too (and sad). I do like your hot water bottle.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of sweets! The chutneys look very nice. Like you, I don't get political on my blog, but I couldn't completely ignore it this week. Good luck with your wrapping! I did a bit over a week ago and haven't managed to do any more since.

  4. Hehe! I didn't think there would be that many sweets! I spy a Wham bay. 😋
    Oh I love your hot water bottle, I need to get one of these. And how nice that you get a community sleigh! xx

  5. I don't tend not to talk politics on my blog either, but difficult to avoid this week. That is so lovely to get a community sleigh. The peanut chutney sounds interesting. I have a hedwig hot water bottle too xx

  6. We used to love the Round Table float when it came round our village as kids. We live too far out of a village now to see it. Good luck with your wrapping.

  7. That was nice of Jayne.
    Sad when they feel they are too big to go out with "the little kids"
    Love your hot water bottle.

  8. I just despair about politics at the moment. We've had that game for ages, it's funny isn't it. We are the last road on the route for our float on the night they do our estate so it's just too late for the kids and my son was already in bed asleep at 8.30pm! It's such a shame #365

  9. I saw a top tip for wrapping presents, instead of sitting on the floor, stand up and use the ironing board. My husband would love that chutney, i've bought a jar and wrapped it up for him for christmas

  10. I am so saddened at the recent election and the results.

    The only thing I drink at costa these days is the hazlenut praline hot chocolate. Its my fav! Love that wrapping paper...made me smile!

    The hot water bottle is so cute

  11. Let's not mention politics! My kids join in with the Santa run by the local Scout group. It is a lovely event but the behaviour of the other children always ruins it so I made Chris go this year! I have only been to a coffee place a couple of times, it feels too decadent for me! #project365

  12. But the lattee does look great! Cute bottle. We have two kinds of water bottles: one like this where you add hot water and one I got from China which heats when connected to an electronic plug.
    OOooooo chutneys! oOOOoO treats!