Tuesday 2 June 2020

What I loved in May 2020!

That was probably the most uneventful May in my life ever! It hasn't been a bad month, far from it but there isn't much to write about. We are pretty much used to a life in lock down and to be honest I wish life could continue like this but we only have a couple of weeks before Stu returns to work. Neither of the girls will be returning to school or college before September so we can mostly stay in our safe bubble for the time being.

What I loved in May!

More decorating!
Stu has been busy again this time decorating the hallway and up the stairs. It was by far the room which looked like it needed the most work and looked the tattiest with lots of the wall paper hanging off. For months every time someone has came down the stairs we've been pulling at bits of the wallpaper and Stu finally got around to sorting it a couple of weeks ago. The wallpaper came off so easily, some parts needed sanding and it took a couple of coats but it didn't really take long at all. Thankfully my dad who seems to collect paint had some similar to what we wanted so we saved about £30 and there's still enough left to do our bedroom which is next on our decorating list!

My seeds are growing!

A couple of months ago we planted tomatoes and strawberries and they didn't grow so a month ago we started again with more seeds and this time they're growing. Just like the peppers and peas which are still growing like made I don't know which is which. lol

The 100!
I read that the new series and the final series of The 100 was starting in America so thought I would watch it from the beginning and remind myself what happened before it is shown over here. I have no idea how it will end. I am still amazed what has happened throughout the whole show from how they started to where they are now.

A nuclear conflict has decimated civilisation. Ninety-seven years later, a spaceship accommodating humanity's lone survivors despatches 100 juvenile delinquents back to the Earth.

Spending less money!
Over the last few weeks we have really noticed how much money we're not spending. Not getting food shops delivered every week, not going out and not buying rubbish. It is ridiculous that Stu is on less money getting furlough pay but we seem better off financially. All the bills are paid and the money we would have spent on junk and the extra food shop is going into the savings. There is advantages to this lock down.

Birthday shopping.
It's Becky's girlfriends birthday later this month and Becky bought her a few gifts including an amazing cushion from Prezzybox with her face on which was half horrifying and half hilarious. It got me thinking that Becky's birthday will be here before we know it and So I have started buying things. It's her 18th so it's a big one and I want to get her some gifts that mean something and will be special to her and of course some jokey gifts like a life size cardboard cutout of Jim and Milson from Friday Night Dinner. lol I've not even thought about Ellie's birthday yet which is in August. She is so easy to buy at the moment. Phew!

What did you love in May?

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  1. Wow you have been busy and yes i too have noticed a reduction in spending x