Saturday 6 June 2020

Week 23 of #Project366 - A photo every day for a year!

Another week has flown over but we had a bit of excitement with going to visit my dad and having Becky's girlfriend over for a visit. It's a new type of normal. The weather has changed dramatically. We had sunshine at the beginning of the week and then it turned a lot chillier and we've had plenty of rain, just what my garden needed. 

Now for a photo every day!

My garden growing and a photo of Fantastic beasts and where to find them.
My youngest digging in the garden
My girls playing giant noughts and crosses in the garden
Fish, chips and mushy peas on a plate.
A photo of Thanos on my Tv and it raining.

151/366 - 30th May
The garden is growing well. I planted some wild flower seeds a few months ago and now I can't tell what is weeds and what is flowers. lol It does look pretty though.

152/366 - 31st May
I do love a film on a Sunday evening and ITV did well and showed Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As much as the kids love Harry Potter they hate this film. 

153/366 - 1st June
Ellie was helping out digging some holes to put the pea plants in out of their pots. Who needs a trowel when you have hands.

154/366 - 2nd June
Giant noughts and crosses. It turns out Ellie is the best at this game. She beat us all at least once. 

155/366 - 3rd June
A chip shop lunch has become a thing on a Wednesday. I had fish, chips and mushy peas this time. I think it's a reasonable price. The meal and a can of pop was £5.00 and the portion was huge. I couldn't eat it all but it did fill me for the rest of the day.

156/366 - 4th June
Another grey and wet day so it called for watching a film. I wanted one which was easy to watch so went for Avengers: Endgame. I've seen it plenty of times before and it made sense after I watched the previous film the day before with Stu.

157/366 - 5th June
Rain, rain go away! There was a really heavy shower. It lasted about 20 minutes and then the sky cleared and there were beautiful blue skies. It didn't last. A couple of hours later it was raining again.

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  1. Lovely to see your garden coming on. We've had lots of rain this week too - at least the plants will like it !Hmmm fish & chips ... I haven't had a takeaway for soooo long ! lol

  2. I have not had a proper fish n chips meal since before lockdown. I am missing the sunshine now we have rain, but the garden needed it

  3. I'm the same with gardening. My mum always says 'a weed is just an unwanted plant'I always rush to the chip shop when I get back to the UK then regret eating them everytime

  4. We had the same rain shower (plus thunder and hail here), with more rain in he afternoon. We really needed it.
    That's a bargain fish and chips. Our chippy is £5.60 just for the cod! Town's chip shop will do a mini fish, sausage and chips box for a fiver. But that's not a normal size portion. The difference in price north vs south!

  5. How nice to see your dad again and for Becky to see her girlfriend. I've planted some wildflower seeds too. Some of the things which have popped up I do recognise as weeds, and I've carefully removed them. If there's a few weeds mixed in, I don't suppose it really matters! I was a bit disappointed by Fantastic Beasts when I saw it at the cinema.

  6. That sounds like a good price lunch.
    I would leave some of the weeds to grow, they can look very pretty when they flower and pollen is pollen.
    The ground will have appreciated the rain, and less people go out in it so it is not all bad.

  7. We have had some heavy showers this week to and then 5 minutes later the sun is out. I had fish and chips from the chippy a few weeks back and it was a real treat.

  8. I just planted some wildflower seeds but think I might have left it a bit late. will see if anything grows!

    That giant noughts and crosses is cool. Should get the girls one

  9. Lovely to see your garden coming on. It looks great. We've had lots of rain this week too. I've not had fish and chips for ages x

  10. I loved the first fantastic beasts film but not much the second one (how did Credence come back to life after exploding?) Good digging. Great job, Ellie, for me its just a game of luck. Endgame is not an easy movie to watch for me, especially at that moment in the picture.

  11. So glad you got to see your dad, I bet it brightened everyone up and cheered you up no end! :)
    That chippy meal looks awesome and I think that is a very good price! I'm sure last time I went to the chippy a fish and chips alone was well over £5 in our area!
    As yet, I've still not watched Avengers End Game... everyone has spoiled it for me so I'm trying to retain those 3 hours of my life! Hope you have had a lovely week... despite the weather! Sim x

  12. Our weather has changed too, a lot of rain in the past week. We love Endgame, but it's hard to watch some scenes, and we always say what an idiot the Starlord was, when he punched Thanos in Infinity wars, he could have been destroyed then, and our favourite characters would have been alive.
    Do you have Amazon Prime? We loved watching Alex Rider with Eddie last week. It's YA, but great fun.

  13. Lovely to see the girls playing noughts and crosses together in the garden. My husband nearly always wins and taught Sophie how to play so that she nearly always wins too! Your garden looks pretty and Ellie certainly seems to be enjoying getting 'hands-on' in the garden! Lovely to have a chip-shop lunch - we haven't had one of those since lockdown started! #project366

  14. What a great idea making the chippy lunch a regular thing. That is a good price with a drink too. I think ours is more than that without one! Well done with your garden, we have been working on ours again this week! The only thing is how much garden waste we have, think another trip to the skip is on the cards for my husband.

  15. I can not wait to see the wild flowers in bloom. Awww great you got to see your dad and Beckys girlfriend. It must have been hard for them over the last few weeks. Love fish and chips! We have a click and collect one near us and they are a real treat.

  16. The rain started once the school went back! Glad not to do the school run which is the only silver lining during lockdown! Those chips looks AMAZING: we treated ourselves to a takeaway last week, first time in 3 months and it was heavenly! #project366