Thursday 18 June 2020

I have become even more of a nosy neighbour.

Britain has been transformed into a nation of nosy neighbours after being stuck at home during lockdown. In a study of 2,000 adults, 41 per cent admitted to keeping a closer eye on their neighbours’ movements since the pandemic struck.

I used to be a nosy neighbour but being in lockdown has made me even worse and even I've realised very judgemental. I think it's rubbing off on my girls. Oops. I have seen over the last few months my girls stood at the front window saying "that's not social distancing" at people walking by. 

We have kept an eye on those not observing lockdown rules local to us and before the rules were relaxed, when it was supposed to be just you and the people living in your house in your house and garden I made a point of letting my neighbours know how I felt about them having people over by making sure they heard me talking in my garden about social distancing and lockdown rules. We were playing by the rules why shouldn't they?

We also got nosy and liked to keep check on who wasn't out clapping for the NHS every Thursday. Towards the end we stopped going out and felt like those who were out would be judging us but it all got a little competitive trying to outdo each other with the noise we made. It shouldn't have been like that.

We have had many conversations with a different neighbour about our gardens. We were nosying on her's and her on ours. Her and Stu always used to joke about all the painting they're were doing. We even chatted to the guy next door but one when we were out there one day about all the stones we were moving from one side our garden to the other. lol

The top of the things that neighbours like to snoop on are who has parked outside the house. That is a sore subject for us. We are supposed to have a parking space outside of our house as well as our driveway but looking you wouldn't think it. We rarely have a space to park in front of our house, it's lucky we don't have a car. I am assuming most people in our street have more than one car and not all have driveways.

Not long after lock down started next door had a plumber in, I know this because the cheeky so and so parked on my drive, we had told him a couple of weeks before not to and his excuse the 2nd time was that he didn't think we were in. Thinking about it now, where else would we be in lockdown!! I was livid! We know a mechanic who always runs out of spaces to park cars which need repairs, I am tempted to offer him our parking spaces. That would really get the neighbours talking.

It was crazy how many people had workmen and tradesmen going in and out of their houses around here while the full lockdown was happening. I seen them coming and going and thought it wasn't really worth the risk even when our hot bathroom tap was broken.

The top 20 things that neighbours like to snoop on now:

1. Who has parked outside the house.
2. Why the dog is barking.
3. Who is having a row.
4. If they’re having visitors in their home.
5. Who is playing loud music.
6. How many visitors are over.
7. Who they’re speaking to.
8. Who is having work done on their house.
9. The general state of their garden.
10. If they’re stood more than two metres from a guest.
11. To look at how garden renovations are coming along.
12. Eavesdropping on conversations.
13. What DIY jobs they're doing.
14. Who's having a barbecue.
15. What plants they’re planting in the garden.
16. What the kids are up to.
17. How often they cut their lawn.
18. What's on the washing line.
19. What colour they’re painting the front door.
20. What they’re doing in their living room.

As much as I complain about and judge my neighbours now they were nothing compared to the old one's we had in Northumberland. I dread to think of the antics they would be up to during lockdown. Eek!

Have you been more of a nosy neighbour during lockdown?


  1. hahah, your post made me laugh. It does make a difference being at home all day with all the neighbours. I noticed that everyone was having BBQs at first, it was all you could smell. I've noticed that my neighbours on the one side really like to drink. They've been drinking in the garden and talking really loud, singing along to their music. Sometimes a little annoying, but always switched off and quiet at a reasonable hour. I've also been a bit nosy with a neighbour who was being overly angry with her little boy and saw him locked in his bedroom for hours on end as he was sat at the window. But I've noticed she's getting help now and he's not there all the time, only at weekends. I wanted to report her, but I'm not sure if someone else did. So, yes, I've been nosy, sometimes not wanting to be (I'd rather not hear my neighbour's son drunkenly tell his girlfriend very loudly what he was going to do to her later!!) and other times deliberately because I was worried. I have to admit though, my neighbourhood has been pretty good at social distancing, we usually have crowds of kids playing out front together as it's a grove with little traffic. But I've not seen any, even on sunny days.

  2. I have some annoying neighbours and some lovely ones. There has been a lot of rule breaking here by the younger neighbours and a lot of us keeping to the rules. I must admit I had new carpets laid a few weeks ago but I was advised they were working and had been given the go ahead to legally fit carpets. I stayed outside the whole time they were here though. As a side note. I think I am now even with my next door neighbour for how many empty bottles of alcohol are going in my recycling bin lol

  3. Haha you do crack me up! I love a good nose but we don't have neighbours to nose at here. Saying that we do hear the boaters having a disagreement from time to time!

  4. This is such a funny read! I think we're all guilty! #MMBC