Thursday 2 January 2020

How to keep your New Year's resolutions!

The new year is all about starting anew! Giving up those bad habits and make positive lifestyle changes. I made a couple of small new years resolutions which I will try to stick to. Going to bed by 11pm on a school night, not skipping lunch and going outside for some fresh air at lease once a day, even if it's just into the garden.

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35% of us who make New Year's resolutions break them by the end of January. Here is some ideas how to keep those New Year resolutions:

Start small 
Make resolutions that you think you can keep. 
If you want to exercise don't bother signing up to the gym. Start with walking or exercising in your home. If you would like to eat healthier try replacing the chocolate with fruit instead.

Pick just one resolution.
Taking on too much all at once can be scary but focusing your efforts on one specific goal makes keeping a resolution much more achievable.

Avoid the popular resolutions.
Losing weight, quitting smoking, getting fit etc. Everyone does these which means you’ll be faced with competition and you will compare yourself to others.

Pick a start date!
You don’t have to make these changes on New Year’s Day. Just pick a day when you know you’ll be well rested, enthusiastic and ready to go.

Talk about it 
Share your resolution's and goals with your family and friends. Having someone to share your struggles and successes will make things much easier!

Don't make the same resolution as last year.
If you've already tried and failed your self belief will be low and you might give up at the first chance.

Be realistic!
Resolutions that are too small will not motivate you but if they’re too big they can be overwhelming. Try and find something in the middle.

Chart your progress! 
It feels very good to check things off and cross them off. If on your calendar you’ve marked off five days doing your resolution you won’t want to break it on the sixth day.

Plan rewards!
Rewards are a great encouragement to keep you going. When I have had lunch every day for a week I will have a treat one on Friday. A sandwich from the bakery or a chip butty from the chip shop. That will get my daily dose of fresh air outside too! 

Don’t give up!
Do bear in mind that a slip-up is almost inevitable and you must not let this become an excuse to give up. When it happens draw a line under it and start again! 

Experts say it takes about 21 days for a new activity to become a habit and six months for it to become part of your personality. Good luck with your resolutions!

Have you made any New Year resolutions this year?


  1. I sort of have; went swimming on 30 December, out on my bike 31st, little bit of walking yesterday and back out on my bike today. This will get a bit harder from tomorrow when I go back to work because there's not as much daylight, I still have to fit in the hospital visiting for my mum, and the pool isn't nearby but I feel loads better for my fresh air and exercise. I'm not bothering with 'ditch the chocolate' etc yet because there's loads in the house from both Christmas and my 50th on New Years Eve. The only other 'resolution' I made was to use all vouchers as soon as possible, lol! Good luck with yours and I'll be reading along on the blog! xx

    1. It sounds like you have done loads of exercise. Happy belated birthday to you!
      Thank you for reading. x