Thursday 16 January 2020

Our DIY plans for 2020.

We have lived in this house now for a little over 6 months. We have a long term tenancy and we are free to make the house our own and we actually want to. We haven't done much so far. We decorated the kids rooms shortly after moving in here and fixed the electrics in the garage so there is power in there and that's about it.

Before we moved here I wanted to rip all the carpets up, I hated carpets and wanted wooden floors, I wanted a yellow bathroom, the washer and dryer in the little shed and I wanted rid of the stone fireplace. Well my opinions have changed. I love the carpets, the yellow in the bathroom wouldn't look right, the washing machine is staying the kitchen and the dryer in the garage and I love the stone fireplace, it gives the house character even with the spiders which come out of the bricks in the warmer months. lol

Mine & Stu's bedroom.
We want to go purple. Not bright but not too dark either. I have found some paint I like. Wizard emulsion from Wilkos. We would have that on the bottom of the dado rail and white paint on the top.

I really regret leaving the curtains we had in the old house, in the living room. They would have been perfect. I dyed them purple years ago and they turned out really well. We have white curtains at the moment so I might have to try dying them. 

The landing, stairs and just inside the front door.
There is not much to do in here apart from strip the wallpaper which is peeling off and give it a paint. The walls seem to go up forever and neither Stu or I can wallpaper well enough to even attempt putting new up. I think we'll go with a pretty neutral colour, keeping it simple.

The living room.
Again a lick of paint is needed in here and we also want to wallpaper above the fireplace. We seem to be going with reds, blacks and dark browns so I think the wallpaper needs to be red and white just so it isn't too dark in here and I found one on Ebay for £7.99 a roll which I like.

I want to add shelves at each side of the fireplace, 3 of 4 at least. As much as we have the fireplace to put ornaments and knick-knack's on there isn't much storage in here to put other things. The sides of the fireplace is the place where things get dumped at the moment.

The dining room.
I think the only room I would like to take the carpet up is in the dining room. The carpet which is in there seems to show every speck of dirt and I can easily hoover it 2 or 3 times a day. I would like to put some sort of laminate or wood flooring down.

The Bathroom and Kitchen.
These rooms don't need much doing with them. A lick of paint would be nice but they're not desperate. They are great just the way they are.

The Little shed.
The little shed in the garden needs a good clear out. We have only ever half cleared it out. There is still boxes in there from when we moved house and bottles of booze from over Christmas. lol. I want to eventually get the electric working in there and put the freezer and the tumble dryer in. There is benches in there which will be perfect for sorting out the washing.

The garage.
That is Stu's department but he wants to fill in the mechanics pit, I feel like it's an accident waiting to happen. There is boards over the top but it does worry me. The outside could do with a lick of paint and Stu wants to organise all his tools and whatnot. 

The whole house at the back could do with painting and I want to put a taller fence up to the right of us to have a bit of privacy.

Have you got any DIY plans for this year?


  1. I want to redecorate my bedroom again. White walls and black and white mickey mouse wallpaper. I also need new flooring for the bathroom and hall stairs and landing carpets

    1. I love the sound of the Mickey mouse wallpaper x

  2. It's actually on my list today to write a post like this. We need loads doing.

  3. Sounds like you’ve got big plans which is lovely. We’re going to redecorate our house pretty much every room and put carpet in the lounge, new floor in the hall and kitchen and move a radiator to another wall in the hallway.

    1. It sounds like you have big plans too. Good luck x

  4. I am trying to persuade the other half we need a new kitchen (we do need a new kitchen). Wish me luck! I think you were wise to wait and not start ripping things out immediately, by the way. It is surprising what you find fits when you live there (and what doesn't, of course).

    1. Ohh! Good luck! A new kitchen sounds very exciting. Thank you x

  5. Oh how exciting! We have lots to do here too! Looking forward to seeing your updates. x :)

  6. Goodness it sounds like you're going to be busy! #MMBC