Wednesday 19 June 2019

A yellow bathroom wish list.

We have lived in this house since 2011 and it's rented and the rules were that we weren't to decorate too much so we have kept things pretty plain. White walls and popped colour in with accessories. When we move next week the house we're moving into has fewer rules and we are free to decorate how we want to. 

We have decided to go for yellow in the bathroom and I have quite a few ideas. We have found the perfect paint which isn't too bright but also doesn't make you think of wee. lol The bathroom is huge compared to what we're used to. To put it into perspective the new bathroom is the same size as our old kitchen. lol

Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush - £20.99 - Amazon
Sunflowers Wall sticker - £19,99 - Wall Art. com
Hi Vases Set - £10.00 - Next
Skandi Soft Close Bin - £4.99 - B&M
Bamboo 2 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set - £36.99 - Wayfair
Rubber Ducks Shower Curtain - £5.00 - Asda

Bath and Pedestal mat - £9.00 and £5.00 - Asda
Yellow Framed Mirror - £15.97 - Soak
Set of 3 Ceramic Ducks - £14.00 - Next
Anzirose Round Laundry Hamper - £10.41 - Amazon
Woltu Floating Shelves - £19.99 - Amazon

What do you think of all the yellow? Is there anything you like?

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