Tuesday 25 June 2019

The Summer Tag!

I do love a tag and I haven't done one in a while. Last week was the first day of summer so I thought I would go with The Summer Tag!

Are you a summer person?
Yes and no! I like the sunshine, it really seems to motivate me but I am not a fab of the heat!

What is your favourite thing about the summer?
The kids being off school. This year with Becky finishing her GCSE's and us moving house the kids have a very long summer break. We have about 9 weeks to have fun and make some memories.

Do you stay indoors or outdoors more in the summer?
Usually I stay indoors during the summer but tomorrow we're moving house to somewhere with a proper garden instead of just a concrete yard so I am going to make the most of it and spend more time outside and hopefully do some gardening.

What is your favourite summer clothing?
I always seem to wear 3/4 length jeans or leggings and t-shirts or vest tops. I am not one for wearing shorts.

Do you prefer to keep longer or shorter hair in the summer?
I keep my hair the same length but I do wear it up more in a ponytail. I always feel so sweaty and hot if it's down.

Beach or Swimming pool?
Beach. We always have so much at the beach as a family. I get to sit and relax while the kids build sandcastles, look in rock pools and paddle in the sea!

What is your least favourite thing about the beach?
The sand! It gets everywhere and then when you get home you are finding sand for weeks!

What is your favourite summertime song?

Bikinis, tankinis, or one pieces?
None but if I was forced to wear one it would be a one piece.

Favorite BBQ food?
Sausages! Simple but so delicious!

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?
I can't decide between strawberry and chocolate. I like to buy Neapolitan ice cream so I get a bit of everything. hehehe

What is your favourite drink during the summer months?
During the day it has to be lemonade with ice in but I do like a cocktail. Something like a frozen strawberry daiquiri.

Do you or eat out more often during the summer?
We eat more picnics and the kids love sitting outside in the sun eating but I prefer to stay inside and eat. 

What is your best summertime memory?
The days at the beaches we've had. Northumberland has some gorgeous beaches and we have been to a few.

What annoys you most about the summer?
Wasps. They are just evil!

Are you a fan of the summer?
Do feel free to copy these questions and answer them yourself.


  1. I love your song choice so much, especially as me and the Mister met in summer '89 x

  2. I love summer, I want it to be hot every single day! But yes, so with you on the wasps. Enjoy your new garden x