Sunday 30 June 2019

Week 26 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

I had planned to play catch up with Project 365 after moving house and post double on Saturday but we have worked like troopers and all the boxes are just about unpacked, there is just upstairs to do. Yesterday evening I managed to change the name of my blog which I am so chuffed about!

Now for a photo every day! 

171/365 - 22nd June
Ellie and Stu sorting her toys. She did really well parting with things that were broken or she'd grown out of. I expected her to have about 8 boxes but she only had 2 full of toys.

172/365 - 23rd June
I put the sofa on a Facebook selling page and the Freecycle website and someone came to collect it on Sunday. The kids had to make do with sitting on bean bags until we moved.

173/365 - 24th June
I found these cookbooks in the back of a cupboard. I used to use them when I was a kid. They must easily be 40 plus years old.

174/365 - 25th June
One last fry up from our favourite cafe in Ashington!

175/365 - 26th June
The night before we moved house. Everything was brought downstairs including the mattresses to sleep on. The kids thought it was fantastic fun!

176/365 - 27th June
Moving day! The view from Ellie's bedroom. I love it! If we could have fitted mine and my fellas bed in I would have claimed that bedroom. lol

177/365 - 28th June
The new sofas were delivered and it was nice to sit in something which wasn't a dining room chair. We sorted the living room and it really feels like home now!

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  1. Lovely to see how smoothly it all seemed to go - new beginnings ! xx

  2. I hope you will all be happy in your new house, you sound very organised! That really is a wonderful view :o)


  3. What a week for you! You've done amazingly to get moved and settled so quickly. That really is a lovely view from Ellie's room.
    I hope you are all very happy in your new home and your new town. x

  4. Hope you're all really happy in your new home, it won't take long before you feel like you've been there forever. A lot of stuff still to sort though with paperwork etc.

  5. I like the new name. I had a cookbook a bit like those as a kid - nagged my mum to let us make baked alaska.

  6. glad you are settling in and from what I have been reading during the week on twitter you are loving it and it has been a very positive move. Great view from her bedroom.
    It is hard for them to part with stuff but sounds like she cleared out well.
    Great new name for the blog

  7. Lovely to hear that the move has gone really smoothly. Parting with things can be very difficult. We've a rule in this house that if it's broke it's in the bin.

  8. First of all, congrats on your move! I've seen some pics on Insta and read some tweets too, so know what a fab view you have now. Just marvellous, all this fresh air. I hope you kept the cook books, they are vintage.
    The new sofa looks lovely too.

  9. Love the new name! Well done on changing it yourself. I need to change my theme again and I keep putting it off! Yay for moving that view looks stunning I would have claimed that room too. Well done on getting most of it done, so happy its feeling like home for you x

  10. I still have my first cookbook! Not sure I've ever actually made anything from it though... How exciting that the move has finally happened and the changes to your blog have been relatively smooth! #project365

  11. I love the new name. Congratulations. Glad the move went well too . I hope you kept those cook books xx