Tuesday 11 June 2019

My teens favourite memories from school.

Today's the day. It's Becky's last ever day at school. She finishes at lunchtime after the leavers assembly. She is ready to finish school and move onto college. If you ask her if she likes school it would be a firm no. I would go as far to say she hates it but it's done with and to be honest she does have a few good memories from her school days.

I asked Becky about her favourite memories from school. Right from nursery to year 11 and she came up with a few things even I'd forgotten about.

Winning the egg and spoon race.

Becky is the most unsporty person ever. She used to dread sports day and always tried to get out of it but in year 6, her final at primary school she finally won a race. It was the egg and spoon race and usually the teachers would let the kids get away with cheating but this time they were tough and cheaters got stopped. Becky going slow and steady won the race. She was so chuffed and I was ever so proud. The boy who usually cheated and won every race ended up in tears because Becky the most unsporty person ever won! hehehe

Being naughty!
When Becky was in year 2 she went through a naughty phase. Becky was never one to get into trouble but I think she clashed with her teacher. It was her first male teacher and he was stricter than any she'd had before. Every day he would come out "for a word" to tell me what trouble Becky had got into that day. It was thinks like answering back, not doing her work and just not doing as she was told. As soon as she moved up into the next class she was back to being a good girl.

Health and Social care!
This has been Becky's favourite subject for the whole time she's been at school even though she has only done it for the past couple of years. She has excelled in it and has found it so interesting. It is why she is going to college to study it in September. 

I think the highlight of Health and Social care was bringing home the electronic baby for the weekend. I was so proud of how she cared for it. She only missed one nappy change and feed at something past 5 on the Saturday morning.

The Fashion Show!
In reception class the end of year performance was a fashion show. The kids all designed and made their own outfits and it was fantastic fun for them. It was a great afternoon but a couple of days later the whole class was riddled with head lice. The teachers used the same brush to brush everyone's hair and passed the nits around. It took weeks to finally clear Becky's head of them.

The forged note!

I got a phone call Becky's head of year at school. She forged a note from me in her planner to get her out of P.E and was well and truly caught out. lol The teachers thought it was hilarious and to be honest I did too. It was one of those moments where I struggled to keep a straight face while telling her off.

Being house captain!
In year 6 the children were given jobs. Peer mentors, library monitors and things like that. One of the jobs was house captain. The school was split into 4 houses and during the week they would earn house points. If Becky's house won she had the job of carrying the trophy in the assembly. She loved it and felt so important!

I still can't get my head around the fact that I have a child that is hours away from finishing school. She's not much of a girl anymore and is more of a young woman. She's ready to move on to college and is all set for a new challenge.


  1. Ah how cute are the nursery photos! I can not get my head around the fact my teen is leaving school this week either after her last exam on Friday. Hope college goes well for her and she enjoys it more than school x

  2. Oh it goes by so fast doesn't it? On the plus side, no more shopping for school uniform and the dreaded school shoes.

  3. Ah, I love this post, such a lovely idea to look back like this! And how time flies x

  4. What a day, nostalgic and bittersweet but hopeful and celebratory at the same time. #MMBC

  5. I'm the same - my daughter is 18 and in the middle of her exams ! Eek !

  6. Its scary how fast time flies. Lovely photos and plenty of great memories

  7. Aw, what a lovely post. Becky looks so small on the first few pics. They really do grow up so fast!
    I did laugh at the forged note. I've done that a few times lol!
    Wishing Becky all the very best in whatever path she chooses. She will do awesome! :) x

  8. Such a lovely post, I don't know how I missed it before. What a lovely set of memories of Becky's school years, and now it's over I hope her future is bright xx