Saturday 1 June 2019

Week 22 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

This week past week the kids have been off school for half term. We haven't really been up to much apart from starting the packing for moving house at the end of this month, Becky has been revising, we had a day out mid week to the beach and that's about it. We've just taken things easy. It's been nice. 

Now for a photo every day.

144/365 - 25th May
I had my youngest folding the washing. She wasn't doing it for free though. She wanted extra pocket money.

145/365 - 26th May
Becky messing about with the Snapchat filters.

146/365 - 27th May
Salad for tea!

147/365 - 28th May
I bagged up a ton of my clothes which I won't be wearing until we move house. Stu did the same too and has already been back into his bags for clothes he needed. lol

148/365 - 29th May
Waiting for the bus to go to the beach.

149/365 - 30th May
Becky was counting the money from the change jar. In total there was £22! 

150/365 - 31st May
Ellie is looking far too grown up for my liking!


  1. Your moving date is getting closer and closer, I imagine you are very busy with organising everything. Ellie does look grown up, but she still has her Monkey with her. A day on the beach sounds lovely.

  2. Sometimes its good to slow down and take things easy. Snapchat filters can be fun. I especially love the one where your eyes, mouth and teeth become enlarged and your voice becomes squeaky. Hope you all had a great time at the beach. Happy packing!

  3. I love that Ellie still has her monkey even as she's looking so grown up. Packing is always a bit of a nightmare - hope all the move prep goes smoothly.

  4. Becky does look lovely in the Snapchat picture. Glad you are making some progress to the move - I could do with doing the same (no move here though), but I think I'd be the same as Stu.

  5. It's amazing how much those change jars can hold, and the money really adds up. Hope you got to spend it on something nice x

  6. Never to grown up to carry her monkey I notice.
    Glad you have started packing, it is a big job especially deciding what to keep and what not to keep etc. Personally find it a stressful nightmare and we moved into this house car load by car load over a month

  7. It's amazing how much those jars hold. The money really adds up. What are you going to buy? Aww I love that snpachat picture xx

  8. good luck with the packing. i didn't realise Becky was using a snap chat filter I just thought she had sunglasses on indoors lol

  9. Wow to the change jar! Hope you had fun at the beach and well done for getting your clothes sorted #365

  10. I hope that the move goes smoothly for you and it's everything you've wished for and more #365

  11. Good luck with the packing. Its a good idea to start early! Not a bad amount for the change jar!

    Hope you had a good time at the beach

  12. Good plan to start the packing.That would be my other half too! Monkey would also want something extra for helping out. Hope you had fun at the beach and she id suddenly looking a lot older. Scary how they do that! xx

  13. Both girls are looking so grown up. Exciting news about the move although I don't envy you the packing! #project365