Saturday 22 June 2019

Week 25 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

What a week. It doesn't feel like I've stopped. I am today though. I am having a day off from the organising, planning and packing to move! I need it. I can feel myself starting to feel run down and I really can't be doing with that. I need to be fit as a fiddle for the upcoming week.

Now for a photo every day!

165/365 - 15th June
I feel like a bit of a rebel. Out twice in two weeks. This time it was Stu's work friends for a leaving do. It was a brilliant night and I laughed so much my ribs still hurt the next day.

166/365 - 16th June
Father's day and Stu was very happy with his cards and presents. 

167/365 - 17th June
She's happiest when she's playing the Sims on her computer.

168/365 - 18th June
Ellie had been having some trouble at school and I was absolutely fuming about it. We had a good chat about what had been going on and what I was going to do to fix it. She seemed happier and the bullying issue was sorted at parents evening on Wednesday. As much as Ellie has thrived at that school I am glad we are moving away from the bullies so she can have a fresh start.

169/365 - 19th June
I'm cheating a bit with this it was a screenshot that I captured on my phone totally by accident. It's the only picture I have for Wednesday. It's my favourite game at the moment.

170/365 - 20th June
Pretty flowers Ellie brought home. I gave her a good lecture about picking flowers from peoples gardens. She said she didn't but they are not the type of one's that are just randomly in the street. 

171/365 - 21st June
I had Becky earning her keep. hehehe I wasn't being a slave driver though. I washed the armchairs down and hoovered them.

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  1. You looked very glamorous on your night out. I love it when I get to laugh as much as that. Sorry to hear about the issues Ellie has been having at school. I really hope the fresh new start works out for her. x

  2. You look lovely in your picture. Sorry to hear Ellie has been having to deal with bullies but glad it got sorted.

    The flowers are lovely!

  3. does them good to help out.
    Glad you enjoyed your night out, you look happy to be going.
    Bullying is a joke in schools, but nothing really seems to come of complaints, hope the fresh start is good for her.

  4. So glad that everything is now sorted with the bullying and that Ellie can leave it all behind her bless. Love the pic of you! You look fab.
    Township is one of my fav's too! :) xx

  5. Glad to hear you had a night out again, and it was great fun. Having a break from it all is necessary from time to time. Sorry to hear about the bullies, children could be so nasty and mean. Hope she settles in her new school smoothly.

  6. Sorry to hear Ellie's been having problems. Hopefully all sorted now - sounds like the fresh start will be good for all

  7. Good for you to get a break for all the hustle of moving and packing. The flowers look beautiful; I hope she didn't steal it from someone's garden. I haven't experienced bullying here much but I know it gets really stressful when it is prolonged so its good to know your daughter's bullying issue was sorted out

  8. Bullying is just horrid, I feel for her and hope her new school will be a different experience for her #365

  9. Well done taking a break. I hope the move goes well. Sorry to hear about Ellie, I hope it is all sorted soon. hugs xx

  10. I can imagine that moving takes a lot of effort so understand the need to schedule in some rest too #365

  11. You look lovely - always a sign of a great night! Sorry to hear about Ellie and the bullying, well done for getting it sorted. Heres to a fresh start. I wish mine were old enough to help with the chores! xx

  12. Hope you enjoyed your night out. Glad you managed to sort out the bullying issue for Ellie.

  13. Glad you enjoyed your second night out (I'm jealous!) I am so tempted to buy Sims for my computer but it is already so addictive on my mobile (2 versions!) #project365

  14. Lovely photo of you Kim, glad you enjoyed your night(s) out.
    Sorry for the late comments, I'm on catch up after travelling for 3 weeks.