Saturday 15 June 2019

Week 24 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

How rubbish has the weather been! It rained here for about 3 days and yesterday I thought it had stopped but by 11am it was chucking it down again. Ugh! Bring back the sunshine!

The preparation to move is going well. We're getting there with the packing and I got around to telling the water, energy and people like that we will be moving and it all seems so straight forward doing it online. 

Becky has finished school and just has to go in for one more exam next week. It's nice having her here. It's a bit of company for me and she's a great help around the house. hehehe

Now for a photo every day!

158/365 - 8th June
Fuming! Ellie has had this water bottle for nearly a year and it was still in great condition or so I thought. I was going through her bag and saw it. Her "friend" had written all over it with permanent marker! She'd even written her name. Ellie was trying to hide it to keep her out of trouble. I am hoping to catch her mother at parents evening. I did write a note in Ellie's planner for the teacher to tell the girl to leave Ellie's belongings alone! Grr!

159/365 - 9th June
I am usually good at getting the school uniforms washed. Over the weekend I failed and forgot. I'm so glad it was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon to get them dried out on the line.

160/365 - 10th June
My favourite part of a chicken dinner is the roast parsnips. Every time I walked into the kitchen I was eating one. I had to stop myself before they were all gone. 

161/365 - 11th June
Becky had her last day at school. She only had to go in for exams after. One more exam to go and she's done!

162/365 - 12th June
Both of the kids have something against wearing coats and it drives me insane. I nag and nag but it's a losing battle. I just let them get on with it and get cold or wet. I expected Ellie to come in from school on Wednesday wet and grumpy. She was soaked but in a surprisingly good mood.

163/365 - 13th June
With packing everything upstairs we decided to take the beds down because both Becky's and mine and Stu's needed throwing out. We're sleeping on the mattresses on the floor and even though there's nothing wrong with Ellie's bed she wanted to do the same. Now her and Becky are in the same room so we can put everything we've packed into Ellie's room.

164/365 - 14th June
We had a slow start to Friday. Becky on her tablet and Stu & I watching the TV. It was nice.

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  1. Your moving day is getting closer and closer. It is probably more fun to sleep on the mattress on the floor, so Ellie wanted the same as you all. Fingers crossed, Becky's last exam goes smoothly, all the best for her.
    I love roast parsnips, but haven't cooked them for ages. Now I really want some.

  2. handy to move the girls in together and have a room for storing boxes, I am always surprised how many there are.
    My lot would never wear jackets to school either and would rather have been cold and wet.
    Annoying at another child defacing your property.

  3. Sounds like the move organisation is going well. Why would kids do that and deface other peolle's belongings. I don't understand it at all

  4. Rain is a wonderful blessing but it is annoying when it comes at the wrong time. It rained for 2 days here during my family trip which badly effected our plans.
    If the friend didn't ask permission or care about the comfort of ur daughter then whay u did was right. Becky must be so happy that her exams are over

  5. Oh wow to Becky finishing school, such a milestone isn't it. That's so annoying about the water bottle! #365

  6. I agree this weather is positively Autumnal not Summer like at all. Great to read that you feel like you are on top of things packing wise and keeping others informed. #365

  7. All that rain has been annoying!

    I think I would be fuming about the bottle too! Some people just don't know how to respect others belongings!

    Aww hope her final exam went well!

  8. The weather has been horrid recently. Glad you are on top of the packing. It does take a lot xx

  9. It won’t be long now until you are moving! That’s great that Becky has finished school, isn’t it scary how time flies? I would be angry about the water bottle too x

  10. The weather has been so rubbish (waiting for the thunderstorms which are forecast for tonight!) but apparently a heatwave is in sight... #project365

  11. That's really rubbish about the water bottle, can you remove the pen with some nail varnish remover. The weather was really varied that week. Fab idea to move the girls into the same room to use the other one for packed boxes.
    Sorry for the late comments, I'm on catch up after travelling for 3 weeks.