Saturday 8 June 2019

Week 23 of #Project365 - A photo every day for a year!

I keep saying it but I am sick of packing to move house and I will probably keep saying it until we move. lol The house looks like a tip with bags and boxes in most of the rooms but I can see progress and I am still not stressing which is a good thing.

Now for a photo every day.

151/365 - 1st June
All dressed up for a night out. It was a fab evening with wonderful company.

152/365 - 2nd June
Ellie and my fella decided to tidy out and pack everything from the cupboard under the stairs. We found so much that I had forgotten about. Unworn shoes, a mop and a couple of Christmas presents I hid last year. lol

153/365 - 3rd June
I am sick of Becky pinching my clothes. On Monday it was one of my hoodie's then I went upstairs and she had one of my pj tops on. Eesh! 

154/365 - 4th June
Becky's room is all packed up apart from what she needs over the next few weeks. This is only half of what's in her room.

155/365 - 5th June
I took a while to get dressed on Wednesday and stayed in my pj's for most of the morning. 

156/365 - 6th June
My fella has been walking around the house putting polyfilla in any holes or cracks that he's seen. Great when it's on white walls not so good when it's on pink! We're going to have to mix some of the red with white and hope we can get it to match the rest of the wall. We also have to remove Ellie's wall sticker. Eek!

157/365 - 7th June
We were sent the new Lucky Fortune collectible bracelets to try out and we did after school yesterday.

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  1. You look lovely in the going out photo! I imagine it is quite frustrating to be surrounded by endless boxes and bags, but just breathe and think of your new home. It will be so lovely to unpack and arrange your rooms.

  2. Love your top - you look fab. Glad you had a good night out. I can imagine that you must come across quite a lot of things you’d forgotten about in all the clearing out and packing up. Good luck with it all x

  3. You looked gorgeous, going out, I'm glad you had a good night. I so couldn't go through all the passing again, took me enough years to recover last time! So funny that you found hidden Xmas presents, I bet the girls were happy lol x

  4. Grrrr I hate packing, we've had someone do it for us the past 4 moves and they unpack also, but there's still so much to do, good luck with it all

  5. I don't envy you all the packing, but it looks like you are doing a great job! That is a lovely photo of you all dressed up. I can relate to Becky nicking all of your stuff! My eldest is constantly nicking his dad and brother's stuff. It drives us all mad.

  6. Don't very often see a pic of you - you do look lovely. Sounds like you are quite organised for the move.

  7. Aww it is lovely to see you in front of the camera. You sound very organised for the move. It's not easy xx

  8. when we have moved the last few times we have had access to both houses for a week or so before hand and took packed boxes and bags over ever time we went to decorate or whatever, saves a lot of little stuff on the day but only any use if the distance is not to great. Surely fair wear and tear is acceptable on a house?
    You look fab, glad it was a good night out. Is your fella leaving his job or able to commute?

  9. A busy week with sorting and packing! Not long to you will be glad once the move is over and done with!

  10. Moving house is such a stressful process. glad you had a good night out #365

  11. It will be lovely once you have moved though. Sounds like the end is in sight. Good luck with mixing the paint and removing the wall sticker. You look very glam glad it was a good night out. x

  12. Packing is so awful but I'm sure it will be worth it! You looked stunning for your night out: did you go anywhere special? #project365